Reel Results: 7 Tips to Create Your Ideal Amazon Listing Video

It’s cheesy but true—sometimes something small can make all the difference. This is the case with one perk of Amazon brand registry: video.

Along with imagery-rich EBC or A+ Content, one of the most conversion-boosting benefits of a brand-registered Amazon listing is the ability to add a video to the listing’s photo lineup. Though this feature may seem minor (in fact, most Amazon videos are 30 seconds or less), its results are far from insignificant. 

And if you really want to take things to the next level, add video to your Premium A+ Content!

A video is selected in an Amazon listing’s photo lineup showing how video is a large part of how to successfully sell on Amazon and listing optimization

Check out this photo lineup from Epsom Salt. Likely, your eyes skim over the images and land on the video. You press play, expecting to gain a better understanding of the product in the mere seconds it takes to watch. Hopefully, the video ends and you know whether the product (and brand) is right for you. 

Video helps your brand stay competitive on Amazon in many ways:

  • It is professional yet personal.
  • It is easy to digest.
  • It is naturally more versatile and engaging than any other medium, including copy, product photos, and lifestyle photos.
  • It can embody visual and emotional storytelling, demonstrate how your product is used, and showcase your product’s special features and benefits. 

Plus, the statistics on video marketing are staggering:

These are exciting facts for any brand registered Amazon seller. With the simple addition of a video, you can maximize your listing and bolster your Amazon conversion rate!

Unsure how to produce a product video that reaches its potential? No worries. You’ve come to the right place. Let Marketing by Emma guide you through our 7 tips for making an Amazon product video that captures customers’ attention and encourages them to click “Add to cart.”

  1. Follow Amazon’s Rules and Regulations
  2. Use High-Quality Imagery
  3. Focus on Features and Benefits
  4. Tailor to Your Brand
  5. Keep It Short
  6. Put Your Product Front and Center 
  7. Ask Marketing by Emma to Take a Look

Tip 1: Follow Amazon’s Rules and Regulations

Before diving into creating your video, first scan Amazon’s rules and regulations. These include clauses on profanity, price information, sensitive topics, and incorporating customer reviews.

For a comprehensive list, visit your Seller Central.

Tip 2: Use High-Quality Imagery

A huge benefit of product videos is they allow customers to examine your product and visualize using it. Now imagine the video’s picture is blurry. Your customer will likely become frustrated. Worse yet, they’ll question the quality of your product or brand. Most likely, they’ll search elsewhere for a similar product.

You don’t want this to happen! To ensure your best chance at success, choose high-resolution photos and video clips.

A pair of eyeglasses held up to the camera transforms a blurry background similarly to how quality imagery upgrades your Amazon ranking

Tip 3: Focus on Features and Benefits

Set your product above competitors’ and demonstrate how it solves customers’ problems by pinpointing its benefits and special features. Does your product have especially soft, durable, or stylish materials? Show us. Does it last longer, bring more convenience, or have greater capabilities because of its design? Put this on display.

Watch this video from Vanicream to gather inspiration from how they highlight their cream’s unique benefits and features.

Tip 4: Tailor to Your Brand

In an e-commerce sea of similar products, what helps set your products apart? Your brand. Your brand is completely your own, and you can use this distinction to your advantage in your product video. Use appropriate colors and music, match the font to your brand style, and include your logo. Add a bit of your brand story if applicable, or insert your motto.

Melissa and Doug, an educational children’s toy company, provides a great example of a video that embodies the brand’s tone. You can take a look by clicking here.

Sign in window says what is your story showing how adding video to Amazon product page can reflect your brand story

Tip 5: Keep It Short

It’s true. People’s attention spans are becoming shorter and shorter, meaning your video needs to be snappy. We recommend keeping it 30 seconds or shorter, ideally somewhere between 15 and 30 seconds. This should be long enough to give customers a clear picture of your product yet short enough to maintain their interest.

Tip 6: Put Your Product Front and Center 

While you do want your video to complement your brand, your customers’ first priority is reviewing your product. So put the spotlight on your product, not your brand.

Ask yourself what questions customers might have about your product,E and answer those questions through your video. What would your customers benefit most from seeing? An unboxing? A how-to? An overview of details? The product in action? A mixture of formats?

Tip 7: Ask Marketing by Emma to Take a Look

Advancing your brand-registered Amazon listings with videos is a simple but game-changing step that you can take—today.

Want help creating a spectacular product video? Reach out. Already created a video and want an expert opinion? Take advantage of our free analysis to make sure your Amazon listing is strategically optimized for light, camera, action!

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