Amazon Live Streaming: A Novel Way to Boost Your Brand

Amazon wears many hats and has expanded its extensive haberdashery into ripe new territory. A popular platform for influencers and streamers to share what they are doing at any given moment, livestream allows viewers to sit in the front seat with their favorite brands and learn firsthand about their products. Many people perform live chats as they film to interact with viewers in real time, stream workout videos, and more.  

Amazon is filling a crucial gap in the e-commerce market—word-of-mouth marketing. While effective, this technique has been undermined by the rise of so many online markets. Amazon Live fosters an in-person experience so you can market your product “face to face.”

What Is Amazon Live?

various amazon live categories to help sell on online

Amazon Live is a new way to shop. This “shoppable livestream” riffs off of the “My Favorites” YouTube trend in which influencers highlight current must-have products. The Amazon Live seller feature offers a similar stage for registered sellers to talk about and sell their products in real-time by category. 

This shoppable media is teeming with life. As soon as you open the landing page, you feel the hum of excitement. You’re greeted by bustling videos and a myriad of options. Consumers can shop by category or brand and follow all of their favorites so they never miss a new product or re-stock. 

Streams are diverse and can go live in every category. From tech to home decor, you name it…it’s there. The live streams are intended to be a fun, educational, and inspiring way for buyers to interact with brands.

woman in blue workout clothes doing a 10 minute core exercise carousel of products below video

From the weights to the outfits, everything in this video is displayed in a carousel below the image. Viewers can make comments as they watch and ask questions about the products during a live video presentation for the creator to answer. Consumers can click the links below the video and be taken directly to the Amazon store or product presented. This makes finding new products based on your interests incredibly simple. 

We know you’re wondering: 

Who Can Use Amazon Live?

The shoppable live stream feature is available to:

  • Brand-Registered sellers in the United States
  • US Vendors who have an active Amazon store
  • Influencers who apply to promote Amazon brands 

How Much Does It Cost?

Amazon Live streaming and the app are free for registered brands or influencers to film and promote their products. 

It costs $35,000 if you want your brand promoted in an Amazon-produced livestream.

Amazon Live influencers can stream anything from fashion advice to workouts to brand promotions, but they receive a commission for your products sold through their video affiliate links.

How Do I Start an Amazon Live Event?

  • Make sure your brand is registered with Amazon
  • Download the “Amazon Live Creator” app for Amazon live streaming
  • Note: this app is currently optimized for iPhone or iPad use and is only available through the Apple app store
  • From here, follow the in-app instructions to log in to Seller Central and set up your Amazon Live. The app also allows you to keep track of revenue, viewers, and more. 

“Amazon Live Creator” in the app store:

amazon live app store screen for amazon live creator get discovered on amazon easy to start drive product sales

Login options are presented once you download the app:

amazon live app screen choose between seller vendor amazon influencer program or other

How to Recruit an Amazon Live Influencer:

First, do a little sleuthing and find influencers that complement your tone, category, and brand. There are already so many out there! There are a variety of options from here. Firstly, you can send an email to the influencer you like, explaining your brand and what you envision. Alternatively, for a more casual option, you can send them a direct message. In either case, after connecting, you can send them a free sample to see if they like your product and would like to promote it.

Keep in mind that Amazon Live influencers receive a commission from 1-10% of sales made from your affiliate links, which could be absolutely worth it if they are well known. The whole purpose is to have a face consumers trust touting your brand and spreading the excitement. Your product could be their new favorite thing—they just don’t know it yet!  

Why: Benefits of Amazon Live

The advent of Amazon Live ushers in golden opportunities for brand promotion that are incredibly promising: 

  • Educates buyers and helps expand your reach
  • Provides a new opportunity to give your brand a voice
  • Allows you to capitalize on power word-of-mouth marketing. After all,  a familiar face can be the difference between “nah” and “add to cart.”
  • Connects viewers to your brand based on their interests 
  • Represents a FREE route to additional Amazon marketing, traffic, and revenue
  • Boosts your visibility: after a live video is complete, videos are used as ad placements for products. So, your video could be prioritized and populated in search results. 

Livestream has become a popular tool on social media platforms, and Amazon is throwing its hat in the ring.

 Looking to get started on Amazon Live or selling in general? Enlist our Marketing by Emma team to boost your Amazon marketing strategy, make your listings shine, or write a captivating video script for your Amazon Live! We are here to give you the words to connect your amazing products with your ideal customers.

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