The Missing Piece: All You Need to Know About Amazon Product Videos

You’ve compiled killer keywords and targeted your buyers with great copy, but sales still aren’t where you’d like them to be. So, what’s the next step? A short and snappy product video may be just the addition you need to boost your Amazon selling potential.

Who Can Use the Amazon Product Video Service?

Any Amazon registered brands are eligible to upload an Amazon product video. This video appears at the end of your main product image stack.

BONUS: If you qualify for Premium A+ Content, you can add additional videos directly into your Enhanced Brand Content.

If your brand is eligible, here’s why you should be tapping into the Amazon product video game:

According to this survey:

76% of ecommerce consumers purchased a product after watching a video, and 

45% said that videos are more engaging than other forms of media.

Wow! What could explain such a massive impact? Video and graphics are not only eye-catching, but they also replicate the in-person experience, so it is important they look and sound authentic. By creating a true-to-life experience, you build trust with consumers and avoid negative reviews because a product wasn’t as expected. 

With such a valuable opportunity, investing in a quality interaction for potential buyers is vital.

aerial view of customers pointing at amazon product video on computer screen

Common Misconceptions

Videos are crucial Amazon real estate that many brands don’t take advantage of because they:

  1. Believe it is difficult and expensive to film and edit.
  2. Think you need professional equipment. 
  3. Don’t know it’s an option for their product.
  4. Underestimate the storytelling power of 30 seconds and some top-notch lighting. 

You can accomplish incredible things with an iPhone and a little creativity. Don’t let these fears or assumptions keep your Amazon listing from taking flight. 

Choose Your Video Style

First, know your story and have a firm understanding of your brand voice and image. This will make the content of your video feel natural because it comes from an authentic place. 

Then, curate a video that fits your style and the type of product you’re selling on Amazon. 

  • Product Highlight: Displays a simple but powerful 360° view of your product—Ideal for tech and products that require a lot of detail like the computers below.

still of a product video for amazon listing optimization

  • Lifestyle: Show the product actually being used. Help the customer experience what it might be like to use your product. The face cleanser video below shows how the product lathers, what it feels like, and how easy it is to use—all in 30 seconds. 

amazon product video still of a person washing their face

  • Customer Experience: Take snippets of happy customers (real ones) talking about how your product improved their life. This is a powerful product video that helps people understand how this could actually help them like so many others. 
  • Unboxing/explanation style: Open up the packaging, show how something is put together, and answer common questions you receive about the product. Show how your solution can solve a customer's problem. 

The product video for Amazon below shows you how to make a matcha latte the right way the first time. No wasted money, and it’s less likely the product will be returned. This is wise because this type of product is often not made correctly and can taste bad if done wrong.

still of an amazon product video showing how to use their product

  • Comparison: Compare your product to a generic competitor and highlight the gaps your product fills.

How to Film a Striking Product Video for Amazon

Now that we have seen some eye-catching examples, find out how you can accomplish similar results. 

1. Equipment and Amazon Product Video Guidelines 

You don’t need a ton of high-tech equipment. You can film an excellent product video with your Android or iPhone and a tripod. This makes this a fairly inexpensive way to boost your sales and revenue. Be sure you are adhering to Amazon product video service guidelines:

File size and type

  • 480p or greater quality
  • Under 5GB
  • .mp4 or .mov file type


  • 15-30 seconds 

Other Specifications

  • Must be in English
  • Avoid restricted language
  • No talk of pricing or promotions
  • No health claims
  • Cannot direct the buyer away from Amazon 
  • Customer reviews mentioned must be from within the last year

*Always stay up to date with Seller Central.

2. The Intro is Everything 

Capturing the attention of your audience is everything. Introduce your product right away, and let them know the problem you can solve like this Apple Care product video.

still of amazon product video water spilling on a computer

3. Quality Audio 

Sound is a HUGE element when crafting a product video for Amazon. Consumers are more likely to put up with a blurry video compared to something they can’t hear or understand. A few quick tips:

  • Record in a small space. No need to be fancy here. Record a voice-over in a closet or bathroom. Any small secluded space will do.
  • Avoid echo. Use foam or cork tiles to absorb echos and enhance the dynamics if you need to use a larger space.
  • Invest in an external mic. You can find inexpensive external mics for your computer or iPhone on Amazon. 
  • Turn off fans, AC units, loud lights, or any other source of potentially distracting background noise.

4. Stability

Make your video smooth and shake-free by investing in a tripod and not holding the phone yourself. A video that is shaky or unbalanced will signal low quality from the get-go.

5. Lighting 

The more natural the light, the better. A yellow or overhead light is often a no for product videos because the image needs to be crisp and clear. Using natural light will make your video look sharp and more professional. Get outside or set up a simple lightbox by using a roll of white paper or sheet and daylight white light bulbs to recreate the effect. A ring light is another inexpensive option for filming.

group of people looking into tablet camera with ring light making amazon video

6. On-Screen Text

Use snappy text to explain how your product works and what buyers can expect, like this example from Cerave:

still of amazon product video

7. Background Music

Bring the feel and vibe of your video to life and make it feel cohesive by adding  background music.

Capture Your Perfect Video and Customer

Ignite your sales and revenue by developing the perfect product video for Amazon. Give buyers the opportunity to know how they will feel once your product is in their hands, and they will be more likely to snatch it up! Not sure what Amazon video style might fit your product best? Let us help! We offer advice and creative direction and are here to help you accomplish your goals. Your story and product deserve a highlight reel—let us help you create it! Head to our product services page to find out how we can help.

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