How 1 Tool Can Streamline Your Ecommerce Business (and Life)

Before every takeoff and landing, pilots run through a series of questions. 

  1. Auxiliary fuel pump: Off.
  2. Flight controls: Free and correct.
  3. Instruments and radios: Checked and set.
  4. Landing gear position lights: Checked.
  5. And so on. 

No matter how many thousands of flights they have completed, they run the same check, item by item. This may seem tedious, but this simple checklist has helped pilots around the world avoid deadly errors.  

In the same way, doctors have prevented slip-ups and streamlined operations with a checklist. Radiologists, dieticians, oncologists, and cardiologists all rely on checklists to ensure their day to day runs smoothly and safely.  

Likely, you’ve relied on a checklist every once in a while and found that using one helps relieve your brain, minimize mistakes, improve efficiency, increase productivity, and more. Plus, checking items off is so satisfying.

What does this mean for an e-commerce business owner or Amazon seller? We’re glad you asked.

At Marketing by Emma, we use checklists every day to ensure every piece of copy is complete, polished, and delivered on schedule. We’re excited to share the benefits of checklists and act as your guide as we explore how to create an effective one together.

Keep reading to learn how specialized checklists can supercharge your e-commerce and Amazon business like they have ours. 

Check Out the Game-Changing Benefits of Checklists

1. Boost productivity

Like the dreaded blank page, starting a task can seem daunting. So instead of writing text, editing photos, or responding to reviews, you check your email, clear your notifications, and scan your Amazon Seller Central for updates. Before you know it, 30 minutes of time has passed during which you have kept busy, but not with anything meaningful. 

Creating a checklist of subtasks removes the initial mental block of starting something new. Write down every step, even the ones you never forget. Then, you can start (and restart) without pause, tackling your listing writing or marketing strategy sesh more efficiently.

Computer has screensaver saying do more symbolizing output growth after checklist implementation

2. Spark creativity

When your mind is cluttered, creativity suffers. Rather than try to remember every detail, braindump menial or technical tasks into a checklist. Then you can be free to craft beautiful content, troubleshoot shipping issues, and devise new ways to rise above the competition. 

3. Increase motivation

You know it and we know it—checking items off a list is the best feeling. You want to complete more tasks so you can feel that good again. Plus, the list gives you a visual benchmark of how far you’ve come. Look at all those checks. You’re doing great! 

4. Enhance organization

Different color paper organized in slots showing how checklists make Amazon plan of action precise

If you’re like me, you can’t go to the grocery store without a list. If you do, you come home, unload the groceries, put them away, and realize you forgot to grab a couple things. 

In the same way, working without a checklist leaves you at risk of forgetting small (or even large) things. Even if the first step to updating your business’ social media sites is starting a timer, include that seconds-long task in your checklist. 

When every to-do is in front of you, nothing slips through the cracks. Checklists ensure nothing is skipped or forgotten so you won’t waste time and energy fixing errors. 

5. Enable visual deconstruction 

Large tasks are daunting. Small tasks are doable. Checklists can help break larger to-do items such as optimizing SEO or creating a website into chunks, making the entire task feel achievable and helping you to actually get it done.

How to Create a Helpful Checklist

1. Focus in

Before you can create your checklist, you need to decide what its focus will be. Will it be for professional or personal use? Once you decide that, narrow the focus down further. 

For example, if I were to write a personal cleaning checklist, I would concentrate on the room or area I want to clean. If I were to write a work-related checklist, I might type out the individual steps of writing a blog post.

The more focused the checklist, the greater its psychological and organizational benefits. So create lots of checklists, one for each task. 

2. Keep it close

A checklist doesn’t do you any good unless it’s at hand. Choose whether you want your checklist to be handwritten or typed, and then keep it in an easily accessible place such as on your desk, laptop, or cell phone.

As an e-commerce or Amazon seller, you most likely use a laptop or PC daily. Consider typing your checklist into your workplace’s online tool or into your laptop. This way you can easily use the same checklist more than once without having to rewrite it. 

Another option would be using an app. This website has a list of the best checklist apps for 2022 if you want to take a look!

3. Trim down

Imagine settling down to work with a checklist that contains 50 items. Just looking at it makes you want to give up. 

Avoid this by keeping your checklist short. Ideally, have 5-9 items on the list. This will ensure your checklist stays motivational.

4. Include everything

Remember my grocery list example? I went to the store without a list today and forgot milk. Milk of all things! That’s an every-trip staple. 

Don’t make my mistake. Incorporate every little thing into your checklist, including things you do regularly such as answering your email. Do this even if you think you won’t forget them, and your brain will thank you.

5. Soak it in

. . . And check. You did it! Take a moment to enjoy your completed checklist. You deserve it.

Woman throws confetti exemplifying how an Amazon seller feels after completing checklist

Check “Ecommerce Plan” and “Amazon Strategy” Off Your List 

Ready to grab a pen or fire up your computer and unleash the power of checklists? We hope our tips have empowered you to write a checklist (or 50) of your own.

The Marketing by Emma team knows that e-commerce or Amazon selling can feel overwhelming, but we also know that it doesn’t have to. We have helped over 1,000 sellers find success, and we’re excited to help you—whatever that might mean. Whether you are looking to optimize Amazon listings, create e-commerce website copy, or chat about checklists (or puppies), we’d love to hear from you!

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