Premium A+ Content (or A++): Demystifying Amazon’s Newest Top-Tier Sales Acceleration Tools

Amazon customers and sellers alike have become used to seeing or using Basic A+ or Enhanced Brand Content (EBC). This brand registry feature is open to all registered sellers with a trademarked brand (To find out how to register your brand, click here). It now has prerequisites that are attainable for a diligent seller working out of their garage. 

Yet A++ or Premium A+ Content, a program that builds on Basic A+ Content, still feels like a secret club, the kind whose password changes every 24 hours. Why does it feel this way? Until recently Amazon A+ Premium content cost a lot of money, was invite-only, and highly selective, making the content rare and mysterious. Its expensive buy-in cost excluded most sellers outright; this was A+ for mega-brands with global presence such as Apple, Dove, Samsung, and Pampers. 

As of now, you can gain access to Premium A+ without the massive buy-in fee, but we aren't sure how long that will last as it appears to be promotional. So, how can you take advantage of this huge benefit while it's available? Let's see what Amazon has to say:

text describing amazon premium a content cost and eligibility

But is that all we need to know or is there more to this story?

Luckily, wherever there is an Amazon mystery, the Marketing by Emma team is determined to solve it. We dove deep into research, picking apart Premium A+ Content examples and bringing each piece into the light. 

Grab your magnifying glass, a notepad, and a pen, and learn what Premium A+ Content is and whether it’s right for your business. 

What Is Amazon Premium A+ Content?

Premium A+ content is a professional content program available to high-performing, registered brands who field new listings on a consistent basis (more on that in a moment). This program provides many of the same benefits as Basic A+ Content such as search and reporting tools, storefronts, and brand story features, but it has a wider range of upgraded modules that incorporate more interactivity and take up the full width of a screen. The possibilities for powerful banners have never been better.

A+ Premium Content and Who Can Access It?

  1. Start by getting access to Basic A+ content. Sell some products, get brand registered, and set up your Storefront.
  2. Create a Brand Story and be sure to publish it to all of your ASINs.
  3. Create new pieces of EBC content. You need to have had over 15 pieces of content approved and published within the last 12 months. This is by far the most difficult step; if you’re just starting out, be patient.
  4. Keep an eye out for a notification banner! When you meet these requirements, Amazon will automatically give you access during the monthly Premium Amazon A+ content approval time.
  5. Like we mentioned, very recently the Amazon Premium A+ content cost is now FREE if you meet the above requirements.  

Diving Deep: Premium A+ Content Examples

Let’s take a look at the pièce de résistance of Premium A+ content: the beautiful full-screen-width modules! In addition to the 17 modules already available to all brand-registered sellers, Amazon A+ Premium provides 17 additional modules (that blow the basic ones out of the water) for you to choose from.

Like with Basic A+ Content, you can further customize your content by choosing whether to add live text to applicable modules or keep it infographic. 

Marketing by Emma has explored each Premium A+ module and consolidated them here—with a caveat. These A+ Premium Content examples (like all things Amazon) are likely to change and develop, and Amazon loves to keep secrets. For these reasons, the official names of modules you see through your Seller Central portal may be different, and it’s possible new features are in the works that no one outside of Amazon knows about yet.

1. Premium A+ Background Image with Text

image module for premium ebc or a plus content amazon brand registry benefits

This module pairs an image with a text box. It appears you can move the text box, placing it wherever works best with the image.

2. Premium A+ Comparison Tables

Type 1:

comparison chart 1 for premium ebc or a plus content amazon


Type 2:

comparison chart 2 for premium ebc or a plus content amazon


Type 3:

comparison chart 3 for premium ebc or a plus content amazon


These comparison chart modules are great for differentiating between your products. Unlike in Basic A+ Content, you have 3 charts to choose from, so you can determine which style best fits your products and the features you wish to compare. 

3. Premium A+ Single Image with Text

image and text premium ebc or a plus content amazon for brand registry benefits examples

This module is similar to Basic A+ Content’s Standard Single Left Image and Standard Single Right Image modules. It’s one of the more text-heavy Premium A+ examples, so it would be advantageous for a product that requires more textual description. Note that not only is the image bigger, Premium text also stands out more than Basic A+ text.

4. Premium A+ Three Images with Text

3 image module for premium ebc or a plus content amazon

As seen in the example above, this module includes three images and text subfields.

5. Premium A+ Dual Images with Text

2 image benefits module for premium ebc or a plus content amazon

Have two main benefits or features you’d like to highlight? This module is wonderful for that and includes two large images and text subfields. 

6. Premium A+ Four Images with Text

 image module for premium ebc or a plus content amazon with examples

This module is similar to Basic A+ Content’s 4 Standard Images & Text module with four photos and text subfields. Where the corresponding Basic A+ Module can feel a little squished and requires small square photos, the Premium version feels cleaner and more flexible (same for the Premium Three Images with Text).

7. Premium A+ Full Image

image module for premium ebc or a plus content amazon

Looking for a bold, expansive banner module? This is it! This module is great for impactful imagery or detailed infographics.

8. Premium A+ Full Video

 video module for premium ebc or a plus content amazon

Show off benefits, explain features, or walk through a how-to with this full-page-width video module.

9. Premium A+ Hotspots 1

 hotspots 1 module for premium ebc or a plus content amazon

One of the more interactive modules, Premium Hotspots lets customers hover over a circle to read more about that feature.

10. Premium A+ Hotspots 2

hotspots 2 module for premium ebc or a plus content amazon


This module is similar to the first Premium Hotspots module but with a header and text subfield above the image. Strangely, we weren’t able to find examples of this module on Amazon, but who doesn’t like an excuse to look at cute dogs?

11. Premium A+ Regimen Carousel

carousel module with text for premium ebc or a plus content amazon brand registry benefits

With this carousel module, customers can scroll through four different images, each with text boxes. The topic of each image appears above the carousel. This is a great choice for brand storytelling, instructional text, or demonstrating case uses for a product.

12. Premium A+ Simple Image Carousel

 image carousel premium ebc or a plus content amazon

Prefer to have an image-only carousel? Amazon has a Premium module for that: Simple Image Carousel. This photo-scrolling format is intuitive to anyone who has used Instagram. 

13. Premium A+ Text

text a plus content amazon module for brand registry

If you need a module just for text, use this one. The screenshot above is from Basic A+ Content because we couldn’t find a Premium Text example in the wild (not surprising when there are so many other more appealing options in Premium). The Premium module is functionally the same but has a wider footprint.

14. Premium A+ Video Image Carousel

amazon premium a plus content module with video and text

This module combines text with a short video. It caters to customers who want a highlight reel and customers who want to read into the product further.

15. Premium A+ Video with Text

premium a plus content module with amazon brand registry has 5 videos for benefits

With this module, you can put five features or short stories in the spotlight. It allows for five individual videos, a logo, and a slogan.

16. Premium A+ Technical Specifications

premium a plus or ebc amazon content shows examples of technical details

A+ Premium provides this module for technical information. It is especially useful for brands that sell products such as electronics, computers, or cameras, and most often appears at the bottom of the content.

17. Premium A+ Q&A Module

premium a plus content q and a module

Answer common customer questions, manage expectations, or expand upon your brand. This handy interactive module lets you control the conversation and answer questions in a direct way that would seem awkward in other modules.

Is Amazon Premium A+ Content Right for Your Brand? 

Short answer – If you have access, yes!

Long answer – There are many factors to consider. 

Let’s look at some pros and cons.


  1. Conversions: A++ or A+ Premium Content can increase conversion rate by 15% as opposed to the 3-10% increase from using Basic A+ Content. 
  2. Professionalism: With Premium A+ Content, you can use higher quality images and videos and present them in an impressive way. 
  3. Interactivity: Some modules that are unique to Premium Content aren’t purely visual but are able to be explored by customers. This makes your content even more engaging and enticing.


  1. Cost: While you don’t have to pay $250,000+ anymore, creating 15 pieces of A+ Content in a single year is a huge financial and logistical commitment. It’s a bad idea to rush scaling your brand or to put out subpar products just for the sake of some shiny widgets.
  2. Effort: Your Premium Content needs professional-grade copy and design in order to do itself justice, and to justify the cost of gaining access in the first place. Ask yourself whether you can create these in-house or whether it is within your budget to hire a copywriter and graphic designer. Remember that everything in Premium is bigger and therefore magnified; that includes bad writing and design choices.
  3. Time: This appears to be promotional access that is subject to change. We aren't sure how long this feature will be available for free, like it is right now. Here is Amazon's semi-cryptic response to that concern:

text describing amazon premium a content cost and promotional period

Overall, if your brand is fortunate enough to gain access to the pinnacle benefits of Amazon Brand Registry membership, you’re already doing something right, and it’s a unique opportunity worth putting some work into.

What's Next?

Is A+ Premium Content something your brand is striving for? With top-notch copy, images, and products, you may very well join the club. Either way, we hope we were able to demystify this content and would love to help you create it should you gain access! There are almost no cons to A+ content when you have a great team to help you create it.  

Whether you're looking to revamp your product description, Basic A+ Content, or Premium A+ Content, Marketing by Emma’s team of experts is ready to help you list, sell, and win in the eCommerce jungle!

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