Rev-up Your Amazon Reviews — the Right Way

We all know reviews are important. They serve as a vital form of virtual “word of mouth” and promote your brand in a very human way. Several studies emphasize the massive impact reviews have on the consumer-seller relationship:

13% of consumers fully trust reviews on Amazon

55% of consumers somewhat trust reviews

26% of consumers trust only verified purchase reviews

In other words, a massive 94% of Amazon customers have some level of trust in product reviews.

You’ve also likely heard about a myriad of scams involving fake reviews or reviews received through illegitimate means. While this might sound like a conspiracy theory, it is unfortunately very real.

Reports say an astounding 42% of Amazon reviews are fake. 

This is frustrating and unfortunate for many reasons: 

  • Fake reviews can negate the validity of honest and genuinely helpful reviews—kind of the “one ruining it for many” idea.
  • They also make it harder for consumers to know who is worthy of their trust.

If customers find they can’t trust you or notice suspicious reviews, you are waving a major red flag that can result in the dreaded negative review. Maintaining integrity and transparency in your reviews is important because consumers want to hear from real people who use the product or service being sold to them.

typewriter with paper that says fake news

Fake reviews have become so commonplace that countless articles have been written to guide Amazon consumers in the art of spotting a fake. Don’t find yourself in that group of sellers that buyers don’t trust. Learn how to get reviews for Amazon the authentic way.

Reel in the Real Reviews

The Guidelines

Once you know the Amazon reviews policy, it is easier to move forward from there. So let’s start with what Amazon doesn’t allow when it comes to customer reviews. 

What you CANNOT do:

  • Incentivize customers (offer money, promotions, etc. in exchange for a positive review)
  • Buy Amazon reviews from a person or professional service 
  • Fabricate your own reviews with fake customer accounts
  • Ask a customer to remove or revise a review you don’t like
  • Have your Amazon reviews removed for any reason

Amazon strictly adheres to their review policies and works to catch fake reviews before they are posted, remove them, and suspend the listings that utilize them. We recommend avoiding them at all costs, but we get it—selling on Amazon for beginners can be trying. You know you have a great product and you’re struggling to gain traction and improving your product reviews with a fake or two might be tempting. 

However, resorting to fake Amazon reviews can hurt your business, as they can cause consumers to simply write you off as a scammer. Maintaining buyer trust is critical, and there are legitimate strategies you can use to garner reviews that align with Amazon’s reviews policy guidelines.

person holding a pen and writing yes to real amazon reviews

What you CAN do to get reviews:

  1. Verified Purchase Reviews 
  • Amazon has developed a method to weed out fakes by making “verified purchase” reviews very obvious. A verified purchase simply means the source of the review is someone who officially bought your product through Amazon. This is what those type of reviews look like:

positive amazon review from a real listing

26% of consumers trust “verified purchase” reviews only. To take advantage of this opportunity, you can ask for reviews from customers who have purchased within the last 30 days (psst, these are legit verified purchase reviews). 

2. Build an email list and use a third-party email system

  • You can use the emails of your customers on Amazon to create a mailing list and send a request for reviews without incentives. Just craft a kind message and let your loyal customers know you would appreciate the feedback!
  • Examples of email services: Mail Chimp or sendinblue.

3. Craft a standout, compelling listing that produces reviews organically

  • Strong and honest copy will go a long way toward positive reviews. If you inject personality and engage your customer, they will feel more inclined to write a review because they want others to experience your product!

4. Include a product insert requesting a review from your customer with a message thanking them for their patronage.

  • These can be incredibly simple to create a pleasant product insert for Amazon using a program such as Canva:

example of amazon product package insert

Rake in Positive Amazon Reviews with the Right Content

If you’ve spent any time pursuing our content, you know that we are serious about authenticity. Consumers appreciate when you’re real, so receiving genuine reviews is a huge part of building trust and loyalty. The more trust you build, the better you'll convert people into customers

We may not be able to write Amazon reviews for you, but we can help you build a killer listing that naturally generates positive reviews! Stellar copy results in fewer returns, happier customers, and higher conversion rates. Let us help you produce a listing with irresistible review-sparking charisma, or send us your listing for a free analysis, and we’ll see how we can elevate it from “meh” to “wow!”

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