4 Steps to Ramp up Your Amazon Listing with Brand Registry

Maybe you’ve typed “what is Amazon brand registry?” into a search engine and were astounded at what you found. You discovered that registered brands gain imagery-rich EBC or A+ Content (or even Premium A+ Content!), Storefronts, proactive brand protection, search tools, and much more (for a complete exploration of brand registry’s abilities, check out this blog post). 

You know Amazon brand registry can make your Amazon conversion rate skyrocket. Plus, registering is free.

You want in. But how?

Like all official processes, getting started can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. We’ve compiled all needed information into 4 simple steps so you can discover how to boost sales on Amazon through brand enrollment—without stress:

Step 1: Check Requirements
Step 2: Sign into Your Amazon Brand Registry
Step 3: Enroll Your Brand
Step 4: Wait for Amazon’s Reply 
For an in-depth guide to brand registry based on Marketing by Emma’s research and years of expertise, keep reading.

Step 1: Check Requirements

What do you need to unlock the benefits of brand registry in Amazon? One thing: a trademark. 

A trademark is a type of intellectual property consisting of a recognizable design or expression. There are a couple different trademark types: text based (word mark) and image based with words, letters, and numbers (design mark).

A text-based mark is shown above an image-based mark.

Both word marks and design marks make your brand easily recognizable, using a medium that no other brand can replicate. Plus, the more successful your business becomes, the more valuable your trademark becomes, turning your trademark into an asset should you wish to sell the rights. 

In the past, your brand needed an active registered trademark to enroll. Now, for a subset of trademark offices, you just need a pending registered trademark. Either way, trademarks must be from the countries where you wish to enroll. This means that if you plan to sell on Amazon.com, the United States marketplace, you will need a U.S.-registered trademark. Keep this in mind if you plan to expand to different marketplaces.

Additionally, you can obtain a trademark for and register more than one brand on Amazon. Just note that while Amazon brand registration is free, securing an active trademark is not. Typically, the cost ranges from $300 - $1,000 USD, depending upon the number of categories you register your trademark within. To verify the exact cost of acquiring a trademark in the relevant country or countries, check corresponding trademark office website(s) and consider consulting with an attorney.

Someone fills out a form to like Amazon sellers fill out forms to acquire A+ content on Amazon

There are a couple ways you can procure a trademark for your brand or brands:

  1. Through the government trademark office of the country in question.
  2. Through Amazon’s fast-tracked program, Amazon IP Accelerator.

Amazon IP Accelerator makes registering your brand faster and easier by allowing you to start the process with a pending trademark application rather than waiting until the government trademark office approves your trademark and makes it active. The program connects businesses with a curated network of trusted IP law firms that provide trademark registration services, putting you months and sometimes years ahead of schedule. To find out more about Amazon IP Accelerator, check out this blog post

If you do decide to go the traditional route, know that Amazon currently accepts trademarks that have been issued by government trademark offices in the United States, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Australia, India, Japan, France, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Singapore, Spain, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, Sweden, the European Union, and the United Arab Emirates. Waiting time spans from 1 month up to 2 years, depending on the country.

Again, we are not lawyers and encourage you to seek advice from a professional for any legal matters.

Step 2: Sign into Your Amazon Brand Registry

This step takes seconds. Just use your Vendor or Seller Central credentials to sign into your account!

The word simple in game board letters is a metaphor for how easy it is to Amazon brand register

Step 3: Enroll Your Brand

Fill out Amazon’s brand eligibility form at brandregistry.amazon.com, making sure you have this information handy:

  1. Your brand name and active registered trademark.
  2. The associated government-registered trademark number.
  3. A list of product categories (e.g., apparel, sporting goods, electronics) in which your brand should be listed.
  4. A list of countries where your brand’s products are manufactured and distributed.

Step 4: Wait for Amazon’s Reply

A dog waits like Amazon EBC or A+ sellers wait for approval of registered product listings on Amazon

As of May 2020, Amazon generally responds about the status of your brand within two weeks. However, if you submit multiple trademarks for multiple countries, the confirmation and approval could take longer.

While you wait, here are some benefits of A+ Content worth getting excited about:

  1. It grabs shoppers’ attention and makes them keen to purchase with its website-like formatting.
  2. It is easier to skim (hello, short attention spans).
  3. It brings your product to the limelight and showcases your product range.
  4. It helps bring your brand to life.
  5. It promotes better reviews and a reduced return rate.

That’s It, Folks

Registering your Amazon brand doesn’t seem so intimidating anymore, does it? After all, you’re only 4 steps away!

To view Amazon’s rundown of steps, go here. If you found our guidance helpful, please share that with us. If you’re looking for an expert opinion on your existing A+ Content or basic Amazon listings, we’d love to help.

Don’t wait for confirmation to get started! Brand registry opens up a whole world of brand-boosting features, visually appealing presentation, and more. If you’re interested in taking advantage of your future A+ Content options, check out our packages here!

The Marketing by Emma team has assisted over 1,000 businesses in maximizing their marketing potential and has witnessed firsthand the power of professional copy combined with brand registry benefits.

Trust us—you don’t want to miss out.

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