September 2023 Newsletter: Big News, Fresh Challenges, and Loads of Content

This time of year is full of transitions: a new season, quarter, routines, wardrobe, activities. I love the shift from summer holiday to focused fall. It feels good to lock into a state of societal productivity.

But, I have a problem.

I’m bored.

Luckily, business has taught me a valuable lesson:  

Boredom = it’s time for a new challenge.

And I guess I’m nutty enough to think that one new challenge isn’t sufficient, so I’m tackling two:

Business: Growing my YouTube channel. I hired an editor. I’m planning my videos. I’m experimenting with style and thumbnails and content.

My mind keeps telling me that I’m  too late to the party. That I should have done this years ago. 

So just as much as this is a challenge to learn new skills on a new platform, it’s equally a challenge in getting over the mental hurdles of regret and self frustration.

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Personal: Taking voice lessons. I used to sing ALL of the time as a little girl. I’d force friends and family to be my audience for improvised performances. I sang in choir. I even auditioned for a musical theater BFA when applying for colleges.

And then, I started caring too much about what other people thought. I lost the joy of singing for singing’s sake. 

Don’t expect to see me performing any time soon, or maybe ever. This is all for me.

What new challenges are you excited about?

And with that, let’s get into this month’s’ rundown:

1. Premium A+ Content Just Earned Extra Credit:

Questioning whether there’s value in creating Premium A+ Content? Amazon says sellers on average see a 20% increase in sales after going Premium. As a result, they’re rolling out some exciting updates:

  • Originally, you needed 15 approved pieces of Enhanced Brand Content, Amazon is lowering the bar to 5. They clearly see the mutually-beneficial value, and are making it easier for more sellers to gain access.
  • Shoppable comparison charts are launching soon. “Add to Cart” buttons directly in your A+ means there’s greater potential for converting, cross selling, and upselling!

2. Value-Packed Videos:

Master the fundamentals to establish a foundation for long term growth. This month we’re continuing our deep dive into the nitty gritty of Amazon listing optimization: 

  • If you want to beat your competitors and maximize your sales potential, every single piece of your Amazon listing needs to be expertly dialed in. Learn how to Build Better Bullet Points to boost sales.
  • TikTok Viral Brand Tower 28 falls flat on Amazon. Discover their missed opportunities and how they could leverage their brand equity in this Amazon Listing Teardown.
  • Do you believe the myth that if you have A+ Content, your product description doesn’t matter? Don’t miss out on ways you can use your description for stronger Amazon SEO and Sales Performance.

Question: What topics would you like me to cover in future videos?

3. Recent Read:

I just wrapped up Positioning, a marketing classic. This book is part time capsule and part history lesson with a dusting of marketing insight. I’m a strong believer that we can learn a lot from the classics, but unfortunately, most of this advice is outdated. With that said, I’d love to see a revised version that accounts for the current environment!

4. Big Shopify Updates:

The competitive landscape in the e-commerce platform arena is heating up, and Shopify has been dropping some pretty awesome updates:

  • One-page checkout is finally here! I expect this to influence an immediate increase in conversion rates across the Shopify ecosystem.
  • Create 3D models with your phone. Combine this with AI image generation and editing to quickly launch and test new products, concepts, and more.
  • Buy with Prime partners with Shopify. Opinions are mixed on this. Have you tried it? If so, what are your initial findings?

5. Marketing Inspo:

True experts are constantly feeding their brains. What are you doing to stay up to date in the wild and crazy world of online marketing? Check out Really Good Emails and Marketing Examples to get inspired, learn from your peers, and spark your creativity! 

6. Info-Rich Blog Drops: 

Phew! September has been non-stop! And with Q4 around the corner, I imagine things’ll only be getting even crazier from here.

Wishing you a killer Q4 kickoff!

- Emma Schermer Tamir

CEO & Co-founder, Marketing by Emma

Emma Schermer Tamir

Emma Schermer Tamir transforms her curiosity into conversion-spiking copy. As CEO and Co-founder of Marketing by Emma, an international e-commerce copywriting firm founded in 2016, she’s helped more than 1500 brands grow their businesses online. In addition to leading her team, she's a sought-after speaker, educator, and consultant for selling on Amazon, online branding, and e-commerce copywriting.

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