The Return of the Newsletter: June 2023


After an embarrassingly long hiatus, I’m very happy to return to our monthly newsletter!  In these emails, you can expect a rundown of our favorite tools, articles, tips, events, and random things that we think you’ll find value in.

But before we dive into things, I wanted to take a moment to give a short update. Erez and I started Marketing by Emma in 2016 with the thought that it’d be a little side gig. And thanks to all of you, it’s become so much more than that. From speaking on stages all over the world, to meeting with so many of you face to face, the experiences and opportunities that this business has created are something that we never could have fathomed.

As business and life partners, we also began to realize that as much as we love this business, it was dominating all of our waking and sleeping hours. That’s why last January we decided to make a change and reclaim a healthier balance between our personal and work identities. We made the big choice to relocate ourselves and our business from Columbia, Missouri (a small Midwestern college town) to the wild and wacky world of Las Vegas, Nevada.

I know that few of you will ever have reason to travel through Columbia, but I imagine that quite a lot of you likely have occasions to come to Las Vegas. So, if you happen to be traveling to Vegas, whether for a trade show or for fun, let us know! We’d love to connect.

Question: Is there a change, big or small, that would help you better enjoy your time during and outside of working hours?

And with that, onwards to the rundown:

  1. Dive deep into Amazon listing optimization and AI in my conversion with the legend, Kevin King. Listen to our AM/PM podcast episode here or on your favorite podcast streaming app.
  2. Every time I blink there are approximately 1,000 more AI tools to check out. Trying to stay on top of the latest  AI news and launches is much easier since joining Ben’s Bites mailing list.
  3. I broke a promise, but I'm fixing that now. I can blame moving, life, and a number of other excuses on why I haven’t been uploading to YouTube. But instead, I’ll make a proclamation that I’ll be resuming regular content posting, and I’d greatly love for you to subscribe and tune in!
  4. Sometimes, the simplest things can bring the most joy. For our first year in Las Vegas, Erez and I lived in a high rise near the Strip. It was a lot of fun, but not the most grounding of experiences. We’ve recently moved to the suburbs and have resumed regular evening walks. They’re truly a magical way to unwind from the day, connect, and boost your mood.
  5. Productivity power up: turbocharge the pomodoro technique with a Spotify playlist and noise canceling headphones. My favorites are the Airpods Max - they’re pricey, but are way more comfortable than others I’ve tried, don’t create the unpleasant sucking sensation, and deliver fantastic audio quality. Shameless plug: if you want to know more about this, I may have a YouTube video coming out on this very topic in the not too distant future…

P.S. This newsletter is a shared effort. With your feedback, we can be sure to include content that you want to see. So pretty pretty please, let me know what you’re interested in, what you’d like to see more of, or any other thoughts or suggestions you might have. Your insights are very much welcome.

Thank you, thank you, and thank you again,

Emma Schermer Tamir
CEO & Co-founder | Marketing by Emma
p: 573.864.2010

Emma Schermer Tamir

Emma Schermer Tamir transforms her curiosity into conversion-spiking copy. As CEO and Co-founder of Marketing by Emma, an international e-commerce copywriting firm founded in 2016, she’s helped more than 1500 brands grow their businesses online. In addition to leading her team, she's a sought-after speaker, educator, and consultant for selling on Amazon, online branding, and e-commerce copywriting.

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