Creating A+ Content for Amazon That is Out of This World

Congratulations! You’ve met the Amazon brand registry requirements, created your own storefront on Amazon, and opened up a whole new line of communication between yourself and your potential customers.

If you’re reading this, you may already have an understanding of how Amazon A+ Content (or Enhanced Brand Content, as we used to call it) can drive sales, boost conversion rates, and augment product performance. Let’s take a moment to ooh and ahh at just how powerful A+ Content can be for your product listing and sales, shall we?

Amazon A+ content can transform your amazon product listings basic product detail page into a beautiful landing site that draws customers in

According to the Amazon-associated blog enhcd, A+ content for Amazon:

  1. Correlates with a 10% increase in Amazon sales on individual products.

  2. Strengthens your cross-selling potential to boost the number of units sold.

  3. Increases your lone product listing’s visibility.

  4. Boosts your whole brand’s visibility among customers.

  5. Helps your customers understand your product better.

To maximize these five benefits for brand registered sellers, we’ve compiled seven tips to keep in mind when you create Amazon A+ Content, ensuring you cover all your bases for attracting customers to your brand.

Tips 1-3 cover technical details, and Tips 4-6 provide advice to enhance readability and engagement.

person making basic and premium a+ content

Tip 1: How Brand Owners Qualify for Amazon Brand Registry’s Benefits

The first step is just as essential as any other—register your trademark, product categories, and marketplace countries at For those of you still wondering, “What is brand registry?” or “What are the benefits of Amazon brand registry as a whole?”, be sure to peruse our blog to learn about all the ways a registered brand can draw more customers your way.

This process can take some time, so be patient, and start working on your brand content even before you're registered!

creating basic and premium a+ content is hard

Tip 2: Check Your A+ Type

Any registered seller can create and upload amazing Basic A+ Content on Amazon. The Premium Content Feature delivers all the benefits outlined above in even more compelling and interactive features. To learn more about Premium Amazon A+ Content and if you’re qualified to use it, visit our blog here.

Tip 3: Know Your Modules

Below are screenshots and brief explanations of Amazon’s Basic A+ Modules. If you qualify for Premium A+ Content, click here for a similar outline of Premium features and modules.

Then, to learn how to optimize both Basic and Premium A+ content, dig back into this article, starting with Tip #4.

Main Benefit Modules:

Standard Company Logo:

Fly your brand colors high with the company logo image module. This option is a great way to set the tone for the rest of your Amazon A+ Content, making it a pretty good first module.

screenshot registered amazon brand owners have access to when making enhanced listings

Product Description Text:

Tell your customers how valuable they are to you.

a+ module for a product detail page in your content manager

Image Header with Text:

Use one of these to celebrate your product’s star benefit, or use several in a row to make your Amazon A+ Content section look like its own webpage.

full image module that goes below a product listings brand story

Standard Single Left Image:

Blend your content with Amazon, and…

module that goes in the a+ section to highlight key differences in your product

Standard Single Right Image:

… don’t be shy about why your product is useful to customers.

content examples of a module that goes in the a+ section below a brand story

Multi-Feature Modules: 

Standard Four Image & Text:

Tell ‘em what sets you apart with photos or icons, bit by bit.

module that goes in the a+ section below a brand story

Standard Three Images & Text:

Tell ‘em what sets you apart, and be less wordy about it.

amazon a+ content module in your content manager to show off your product line

Standard Four Image/Text Quadrant:

Tear it up with the technical details.

amazon a+ content module in your content manager

Multiple Image Module A:

Show off multiple models with four clickable images, each with their own text.

amazon a+ content module in your content manager

Sidebar Modules:

Standard Single Image & Sidebar:

Professionalism? Checklists? Using literal sidebars for figurative sidebars? Check, check, check.

amazon a+ content module

Standard Single Image & Highlights:

Use a Q&A and a flashy checklist here to slyly sell your product features.

amazon a+ content module that shows the features of the same product

Standard Single Image & Specs Detail:

Showcase numbers and fast facts. This module is ideal for nitty-gritty product detail and more technical products.

amazon a+ content module from seller central to help you make informed purchasing decisions

Lifestyle/Environmental Modules:

Standard Image & Dark Text Overlay OR Standard Image & Light Text Overlay:

Seamlessly sew text into your beautiful images—no photo editing required. Opt for a transparent dark or light background to help your text pop against the image.

amazon a+ content module from seller central content manageramazon a+ content modules from seller central can boost numbers in your detail page sales

Comparison Chart Module:

Standard Comparison Charts:

Comparison tables allow you to cross-promote select items from your catalog or compare similar items to your product.

enhanced comparison charts amazon a+ content module in product descriptionssuccess at making amazon listings comes from amazon a+ content in your product descriptions

As you may have concluded, each module serves a purpose and when used correctly can help you convey a compelling brand story that highlights your key features in an incredibly appealing manner.

Tip 4: Make the Most of Every Module

  1. Emphasize your Unique Selling Point.

    What is the best, most relatable reason buyers need your product? Identify this point, and make certain your content backs it up.

  2. Keep it Concise.

    Clear, digestible bits of info keep customers engaged and scrolling for more.

  3. Combine Text and Images.

    Do this to make your material skimmable. If a customer has to squint to understand your product, your flashy, lower-quality competitor may be more appealing.

Leverage Customer Compliments and Complaints.

The key to effective advertising isn’t telling a fun story or making the prettiest pictures. It’s knowing what your customers actually need. Use customer feedback (on your product or your competitors’ negative and positive reviews) to inform your content creation.

a product listing contains comparison chart and amazon a+ content module from seller central

Tip 5: Optimize Your Image Files

To make your material more visually attractive, you’ll need crisp, high quality images throughout your Amazon A+ Content. There is nothing that will deflate a potential customer's confidence in your brand like poor image resolution. It not only detracts from the quality of your brand, but it doesn't let them experience the full awesomeness of your product!

You want to use every possible touch-point to connect with your clients, and crystal clear images in your Amazon listings help you do that.

showing off product features on Amazon premium a+ content is hard work

Pro Amazon Tip: One surefire way to sharpen your images is to upload photos that are twice the size of what Amazon asks for. This means if they ask for a .png that’s 220:220 pixels, that’s the smallest size you can use. Upload something that’s 440:440 pixels. That way your image will appear sharp on the smallest smartphone or the biggest desktop monitor.

Want to learn more about Amazon image requirements and creating captivating images on a budget? We've got you covered—check out this tip-packed blog post.

add to your brand stories with amazon a+ content from your vendor central account to drive sales and conversion rates

Tip 6: Keep Keywords in Mind

While there’s no need to completely jam your Amazon listing full of keywords, you can increase your SEO power for Google search results by adding keywords to your modules when you create A+ Content. Do this by sprinkling relevant keywords into every text box you can, including your alt text, while keeping your wording natural and easy to read to maximize customer engagement.

We often recommend that clients utilize their modules with snappy, compelling text and icons to get their message across rather than large chunks of text. Many shoppers aren't going to take the time to weed through paragraphs to unearth the information they need to know to purchase. Make it easy for them to know what they are getting and decide you're the right brand for them and remember that keywords may get them to the page, but readability and customer care will win you the conversion.

Keep in mind that there’s a different set of rules for Google keywords. You can repeat high-volume keywords here without Amazon flagging your listing. Repeat them conservatively, though, or Google may penalize you.

waiting for approval on basic and amazon premium a+ content can take seven business days

Tip 7: Once You've Uploaded Your Enhanced Brand Content, Wait for Approval

Now that you know how to select and create Amazon A+ content modules and make them enjoyable for your customers, it's time to log into Seller Central and upload.

After uploading Amazon A+ Content, you have to wait for content approval from Amazon. They review your content for restricted language and to ensure you are adhering to their content guidelines.

It can take up to seven days to receive approval, but once you enter this select group of brand owners with enhanced product descriptions, you get to showcase your product with fresh, high-quality images that tell a story. It's a fantastic upfront investment, in our opinion!

Bonus Tip:

Take Your Brand Registry to the Next Level with Brand Story

If you have access to Amazon A+ content, then, like all brand-registered Amazon sellers, you have access to the Brand Story feature. Add depth to your brand by utilizing brand story modules to showcase products, connect with shoppers, and weave your brand's story. In other words, get personal and tell customers who you are! Why should they choose your brand when there are a lot of other Amazon sellers with similar stuff? Don't just leave who you are up to interpretation—make your brand story bold and your mission clear!

anyone can create basic and amazon premium a+ content

Blast Off!

Congratulations again! With Seller Central and your new roadmap to Amazon A+, you’ve got tools to quickly blast your best listings into the sky. Bookmark this tab for the next time you create Amazon A+ Content. That way, you'll be ready to face Amazon's strict approval process.

For more help:

Want to make your basic or Premium A+ Content engaging and natural-looking? Reach out to our team for a free listing analysis or assistance with building your product page!

For more traffic and tips on how to create A+ Content, as well as a step-by-step process to help you along, subscribe to our newsletter!

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