Amazon Explore: What Is It and What Does It Mean for Amazon Sellers?

Whenever Amazon comes out with a new feature, an Amazon seller’s natural inclination is to ask, “What does this mean for me?” The Marketing by Emma team works closely with Amazon sellers, so we have the same question. 

Naturally, when Amazon revealed their new platform, Amazon Explore, our marketing gears started turning. We dove deep into research and spent time pondering how you—an Amazon seller—can use the platform to grow or advertise your business. 

Curious about what we discovered? Let’s explore (pun intended) our findings together! 

What in the World Is Amazon Explore?

Someone livestreaming amazon explore experience shows shopping experience for selling on amazon

According to Amazon, “Amazon Explore is a new service that connects you to interactive virtual experiences around the world. Experiences are livestreamed from a host in a different location, allowing you to see, hear, and talk about everything as it happens in real time.” 

To accomplish this, Amazon hires local hosts for the sessions. The session’s audio is two-way but video is one-way, so the customer can see the host but not the other way around. Virtual tours generally focus on sightseeing, learning, or shopping, and hosts may be tour guides, wellness coaches, artisans, chefs, stylists, or anyone with a skill or adventure to share. 

During the experience, customers can:

  • Take pictures to download afterwards. 
  • Purchase something through their host. The customer can point out what they want to purchase, and the host will either set it aside if it is their own product or buy it if it is from a local vendor. Amazon will reimburse the host and charge the customer, and the host will ship the package. (This is only for experiences labeled as “Shopping”).
  • Customize their experience by asking questions, lingering in certain places, and speaking with locals. 

Sounds amazing, right? Of course, it wouldn’t be an Amazon service if it didn’t have some pretty strict rules. These include: 

  • At the moment, Amazon Explore experiences can only be streamed within the U.S. (This means the customer has to be in the U.S.; it does not apply to the host.)
  • Amazon experiences are only available in English.
  • Amazon regulates what customers may purchase within a shopping experience. 
  • Both the customer and host must comply with Amazon's guidelines.

For a complete run-down of regulations, you can visit the Amazon Explore FAQ page here.

Now that you have a firm grasp on what Amazon Explore is, how can you take advantage of this service? 

I Came, I Sold, I Conquered

Picture this:

You sell handmade goat milk soap on Amazon. The goats reside on your family farm, and each one has a name, but your favorite is Penelope because of her one ear and spunky grin. Each of your handcrafted bars use milk from your own goats along with natural ingredients and essential oils that leave skin feeling soft and smelling heavenly. 

Baby goat stands in grass to supplement story about how amazon explore beta can promote your brand

Though your company has grown too large to be run from home, the countless hours you spent measuring, stirring, and setting batches of creamy soap in your farmhouse kitchen are a part of your origin story. Your three children would watch from afar, waiting for the chance to stir the big, shiny pot.

Would this not be a great story to tell and space to show while hosting an Amazon Explore experience? 

We think so. If you are selling products that are uniquely or artistically created, hosting a shopping experience might be a great avenue to showcase your creative process, make your brand come to life, and gain repeat customers. 

Plus, Amazon Explore hosts set their own hours and prices, so you don’t have to worry about this interfering with your business. This could be a unique, powerful opportunity for your brand!

How do you get started?

Prepare for Takeoff

As long as you or an employee who is willing to host is an expert in the craftsmanship of your product, you can apply to become an Amazon Explore host. In the case of the goat milk soap company, you would need to apply to host a shopping experience. To do so:

  1. Visit this website.
  2. Click “Apply Now.”
  3. Fill out Amazon’s form with information including how many employees you have, the title of your experience, a brief description of your experience, and how much you will charge.

As you wait for your proposal to gain approval, gather your equipment: 

  • A gimbel
  • A SIM card
  • A designated Samsung smartphone

For more information about applying or required tech, we encourage you to head to Amazon Explore’s host page and check it out! You can also find the Amazon Explore help page and customer service contact information here.

We Hope You Enjoyed Your Stay

Can Amazon Explore be the secret to expanding your online business and humanizing your brand? It very well could be!

At Marketing by Emma, we’re always pushing beyond the norm, looking for new ways for e-commerce and Amazon sellers to engage with customers. We want your business to succeed and are here to help whether you need an expert eye or a brand new, optimized listing

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