Amazon Launches New Shoppable Video Feed: What You Need to Know about Amazon Inspire

Short-form, shoppable video is having a major moment right now thanks to the explosive growth of platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels. Amazon is now joining this trend with the launch of Amazon Inspire—a new feature designed to blend short video content and photos with seamless in-app shopping.

As an Amazon seller, this Amazon shopping app presents a valuable opportunity to communicate directly with consumers in an engaging new format. In this post, we’ll explore everything you need to know as a seller about Inspire, including how it works, who can post content, and most importantly—how you can optimize your brand's presence to drive sales.

So what exactly is Amazon Inspire? It’s essentially a tailored feed of vertical clips and photos featuring different products. This content is created by Amazon influencers, small businesses like yours, and even customer testimonials from Amazon users.

As shoppers browse the Inspire feed, they can simply tap on products they’re interested in to view listings and add items directly to their cart. It provides a seamless path from discovery to purchase—without ever leaving the Amazon app.

examples of inspire social media accounts that act as a prime video marketing tool to increase sales

Amazon sellers stand to gain increased exposure, connect with broad new audiences beyond existing listings in search, and have the opportunity to get creative with lifestyle images and clips that share their brand story.

Read on to learn more about how Inspire works and how to make the most of this new shoppable video feed as a seller!

Key Details About Amazon Inspire

How It Works

Amazon Inspire aims to provide a personalized, engaging shopping experience. When users first open Inspire, they are prompted to select interests from over 20 categories including beauty, pets, gaming, and more.

Based on these choices, customers receive a tailored, vertical feed of clips and photos related to those topics. As they continue engaging with content, the algorithm refines recommendations even further.

The feed features exciting product demonstrations and other valuable content showcased by influencers, brands, and fellow customers. Brands enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry can submit shoppable posts, while video reviews from customers may also appear.

A major perk is the seamless in-app shopping functionality. As customers watch the video content, they can simply tap on featured products to instantly view listings or add items to their cart without disrupting their viewing experience.

example of positive reviews turned into engaging content for amazon and social media

Who Can Post Content

Participants in the Amazon Influencer Program can share videos and photos through their public profile and earn commissions on resulting sales. This presents a prime opportunity for businesses to collaborate with nano- or micro-influencers in their niche who align with their target demographic. Look for influencers with engaged followers and content that complements your brand personality.

Brands that enroll in Amazon Brand Registry also gain access to post content directly through Amazon Posts. Actively uploading lifestyle images and clips allows you to increase visibility and maximize sales centered around your target audience. Tap into your existing product visual assets and show the human side of your business through behind-the-scenes images highlighting company culture.

shoppers relying on social media marketing and advertising to find product pages and new features

Everyday browsers can inadvertently end up on the Inspire feed too if they post video reviews displaying products they recently purchased. However, brands and influencers have more control over their presence since they can actively publish content.

Consider repurposing top-performing organic video reviews from customers by reaching out and asking their permission to share. User-generated content showcasing real customer use cases can build trust and boost sales.

Benefits for Amazon Sellers

  • User-Generated Content

    • Repurposing authentic video reviews from customers builds trust and provides affordable content. Their true user perspectives lend credibility. Check out this example below—the content creator has linked the backpack, pants, and top she used on her hike. The video is eye-catching, immersive, and lets browsers navigate to the products' respective listings directly from the bottom of the screen.

      social media marketing on amazon harnesses influencer marketing to reach amazon customers
  • Increased Brand Exposure

    • Amazon Inspire gives sellers the unparalleled chance to get products in front of new sets of eyes. Instead of relying solely on product searches, you can organically insert your brand into a customer's feed based on their interests. Increased exposure via your social media presence can lead to greater brand awareness and customer engagement.

  • Expand Your Target Audience

    • The Inspire algorithm tailors the feed to each user, allowing you to connect with relevant customers you may usually miss. Say someone is browsing gaming content—if your product appears, you can convert that new audience into loyal customers. It expands your reach beyond existing listing visibility.

  • Valuable Consumer Insights

    • The clickthrough rates, conversions, and other metrics available for Inspire posts offer valuable consumer insights. You can see exactly what interests and content resonate best with your target audience to inform product development and marketing. This data can then be used to fine-tune your customer avatar, so you can better target potential customers.

  • Creative Branded Post Opportunities

    • Inspire opens the door for you to get creative with branded posts showcasing products in real-life settings. You can establish lifestyle imagery and videos that share your brand personality and resonate with customers. Show them how your products fit into their world through engaging storytelling. Inspire posts allow you to highlight products in action. These clips and images make excellent social proof. Customers want to see how others genuinely use and benefit from your items in their daily routines before purchasing.

Optimizing Your Presence

businesses can engage with prime members on the inspire social network to boost their social reach

If you want your products to appear in Amazon Inspire, there are a few key steps to take:

  1. Enroll in Brand Registry

    • Register your brand to access tools for enhancing visibility. This also allows you to create Amazon store posts specifically designed for the Inspire feed.

    • Verify your brand assets like logos and trademarks to unlock additional content creation opportunities.

  2. Post Often

    • Once registered, regularly share shoppable images and clips that align with customer interests. This social content could spotlight products in real-life settings or showcase them being used.

    • Craft content around seasonal events, new product launches, or trending topics related to your niche to make posts timely and relevant.

    • Mix promotional posts showcasing products with behind-the-scenes lifestyle content to showcase your brand personality.

  3. Work With Relevant Influencers

    • Connect with movers and shakers in your product niches to collaborate on branded content—the more advertising posts featuring your items, the better.

    • Ensure influencers tag your products and share purchase links for streamlined clicking through to listings.

    • Another key component of influencer marketing is to negotiate promotional agreements for long-term partnerships and recurring content creation.

  4. Monitor Metrics

    • Check back on clickthrough rates, conversions, and other metrics for your Inspire content to see what performs best. Refine your posting strategy accordingly.

    • Run regular A/B tests changing variables like captions, visuals, etc. to optimize performance.

    • Repost any exceptionally high-performing content focusing on that specific product to amplify sales.

Closing Thoughts

hand holding phone with social media apps representing the power of social media marketing for amazon business

Amazon Inspire delivers an engaging new shoppable video feed to help browsers discover products tailored to their interests. For an Amazon business, this social media strategy provides valuable exposure, creative content opportunities, and streamlined selling to boost ecommerce performance.

However, to unlock Inspire's full potential, you need to be proactive. The companies seeing the greatest success are those intentionally creating shoppable lifestyle content aligned with customer likes and aesthetics. They are monitoring performance daily and constantly optimizing their social strategy.

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