Lights, Camera, Action: Sellers Guide to Amazon Live

Selling on Amazon provides endless and ever-evolving opportunities to promote your products, and Amazon Live streaming is a whole new platform to help you do just that! While it may seem intimidating at first glance, Amazon Live is actually quite user-friendly once you dive in. We are going to walk through all of the steps to start filming and get you that much closer to your Amazon goals! 

If you’re thinking, “What is Amazon Live?” don’t worry;  we lay out the basics in another post. For a more general overview of Amazon Live and how to get involved, go here. If you’re ready to take it to the next level with a more in-depth look at the platform, read on!

Getting Started: Download the Creator App

two people looking at a propped up phone and clicking on an app

Amazon designed an app specifically for Amazon Livestream creators aptly named Amazon Live Creator. You can download it from the Apple app store. The Creator app is only available on Apple devices at the time. 

The app immediately directs you to log into your seller account and prompts you to fill out a simple application.  

Once you're logged in and ready to go, take some time to get acquainted with the ins and outs of the app. 

Is Your App Ready? Prepare to Film!

person holding phone and smiling looking as if they are taking a video

  • Make a stellar first impression

Choose a thumbnail photo and title for the video that will draw customers in and convey what your products and video are all about. Know your audience and tailor the content to what they might like.
  • In the title, let customers know what type of Amazon product video you are going to be showing them:

    • Product Demo
    • Top products list
    • Unboxing
    • Q&A (you can chat with your customers live as they ask questions!
    • Choose a start time so your upcoming stream will appear on Amazon.

    • Promote your livestream if you have any other forms of social media.

    Choose Your Video Style

    Product Demo:

    Are you selling power tools? Maybe you have an awesome drill or gloves people need to see. You could create a product demo video showing consumers how your products work. Bring your camera outside and work on a snazzy DIY project to highlight the best features of your product in action.

    Amazon live streaming thumbnail for product demo video


    Maybe you are selling a cabinet that arrives in multiple pieces. Do an unboxing video! Show customers how easy it is to assemble your cabinet and how beautiful it looks when all is said and done!

    Amazon live streaming thumbnail for unboxing video


    Do you sell a complex or multi-faceted product and receive a lot of comments or reviews about it? Host a live Q&A so potential buyers can ask you questions and chat with you directly or just answer questions you are frequently asked in reviews. This is a great way to demystify more complicated products like tech or gadgets.

    Amazon live streaming thumbnail for question answer video

    Top Product List:

    Highlight your entire line of products! Perhaps you have created a line of lotions and soaps with simple scents that hydrate and moisturize. Show off all of your variations, and let customers know why you are so excited for them to get this lotion in their hands!

    Amazon live streaming thumbnail for top picks video

    These options are all an opportunity for you to connect with customers in a creative way that doesn’t usually happen online. It is more personal and getting that “face-to-face” communication can create a lot of trust between you and your dream buyer! 

    Timing and Equipment

    Your video can be as long as you’d like, but we recommend 50 minutes to an hour as you get started.

    You can film with your iPhone, iPad, or connect a regular camera for higher quality. 

    We recommend using a tripod so the shot is level and steady. 

    If you’re filming indoors, a ring light is a great way to simulate natural lighting and enhance the quality and look of your video. 

    Do I Need a Script?

    You do not need to have a script, but we recommend having a plan and practicing. Flying by the seat of your pants can feel much more natural to viewers but could also leave you fumbling over words or unsure where to go next. Outline what you’d like to say, and if you’d feel more comfortable with a script, Marketing by Emma would love to help

    Level Up with Amazon Live:

    Amazon live level icons

    You begin as a rising star and can move up as you post more often and achieve sales. Amazon Live tracks how long your posts are and counts the number of minutes you’re streaming. This simple system encourages sellers to post frequently, but there is no consequence for not posting as often. It does benefit you to post frequently so that you are acquiring content. Here is a description of the levels you can move through and their benefits:

    Level 1: Rising Star

    You can go live and share streams with followers at any time. Your livestreams will appear on your product detail page.

    Level 2: Insider

    After 90 total minutes of streaming in 30 days, you can apply for the Insider level and be featured on the Amazon Live main page. Your streams will appear on product pages not only after you stop recording, but also while you’re live.

    Level 3: A-List

    Once you’ve reached $5,000 in sales or 100 units in 30 days through Amazon Live links and have gained 2,000 followers, your product(s) can be featured on an Amazon live event and the Amazon home page in the form of an ad.  

    Build Your Following:

    • Engage with viewers
    • Post frequently
    • Level up
    • Promote products on other social media platforms

    The more frequently you post, the more opportunity there is not only to rise in the ranks, but also attract consumers and gain followers. There is a lot of content out there, so getting your name in the mix is important! Remember, videos don’t have to be long or take much effort. You could even just announce a new product or product line without spending a ton of time delving into the details until later. 

    Hop in Front of the Camera! 

    Grab your phone or tablet, download the Amazon Creator app, and begin your adventure. Take it a step at a time and plan out what you want to say during your first livestream! 

    Ready to take your Amazon marketing strategy to the next level? Step in front of the camera with confidence and a script to entice your customers. We are here to help your listings and videos look strong. We offer video scripts and listing optimization so you can be sure to make the most of every Amazon opportunity!

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