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A picture may be worth a thousand words, but what are these words expressing? In the Amazon sphere, where informative, impressionable product listings are vitally important to your conversions, you don’t want to leave photos up to interpretation. Instead, you want to frame product and lifestyle photography around an intentional message. 

How do you do this? 

Photo text. 

Also known as infographic text, photo text accompanies Amazon’s supplementary images, inciting emotion and building excitement about the pictured product. 

Effective photo text:

  • Channels each buyer's focus, directing them to must-know benefits 
  • Helps viewers understand your image quickly and take action
  • Features short, punchy, and informative phrasing
  • Employs correct spelling and grammar

Okay, you may be thinking, but what are their benefits? Take a look at these statistics:

That data is clear: Eyes can't resist images. So imagine what can happen when you add text to your images! Infographic's and photo text’s unique capabilities to control the message, build excitement, and communicate key facts can skyrocket your Amazon conversion rate.

There are two primary places where you can take advantage of photo text in your Amazon listing optimization efforts:

Worried that you'll miss out on SEO opportunities by editing text directly into your A+ images? Fear not! With Amazon's keyword images field, you have a backend way to widen your accessibility and gain an SEO boost.

See for Yourself: What Can Photo Text Do?

Let’s say you’re perusing Amazon for a coffee mug. You find one by the (made up) brand Xplore. The title is optimized and makes you confident this mug is the one you've been looking for. So you click into the Amazon listing. And at some point, you come across this image:

Images without text leave their interpretation up to the customer

Without infographic text, a lot of factors may influence your interpretation of the image and the message it sends you, including:

  • The sequence you look at this image within the listing
  • What's on your mind before or during your virtual shopping trip
  • Your own personal experiences will all go into its interpretation.

You may look at this and immediately remember your plants are in need of a drink. I may look at this and think about how much I miss my morning journaling practice. Someone else may look at this and wonder if that handle and text are gold leaf and require delicate care.

Now, you may look at the images first, before digging deeper into the listing. You may take a peek at them last, once you’ve mostly decided to make a purchase. Or, you may analyze them as a last ditch effort to understand the product. 

Customers may interact with your images from all of these vantage points. The good news? Your photo text can meet your customer’s needs and control the conversation no matter their observational standpoint. With Amazon infographic text as your tool, you have the power to speak to any customer and direct his or her focus, whether that be answering their questions or building excitement about one of your product's awesome features.

For the greatest image impact, you must learn how to make infographics for Amazon that serve your listing well. Let’s dive into some examples of effective and ineffective infographic photo text and explore why they earn their titles. Learn how to boost sales by meeting all Amazon listing photo requirements, and how Marketing by Emma’s Amazon copywriters create attention-grabbing Amazon infographic images that convert. 

Effective Photo Text Example #1:  

Maximize Your Amazon Listing Optimization by Incorporating Text Into Your Images


Note this photo’s relative simplicity. As Amazon’s mobile app continues to gain popularity, easy-to-digest photos that don’t require zooming are imperative. For this reason, short snippets of infographic text become exponentially more effective. This succinctness is especially well suited to today’s social media-savvy customers.

Notice how Xplore’s photo text draws your attention to different aspects of the photo. While before you took in the image as a whole, now you notice the sleek curve of the handle, the mug’s rounded symmetry, and its lovely calligraphy. 

And just like all other parts of your Amazon listing optimization efforts, you should strive to put the customer as the center of attention. Help paint a picture of what their life will look like with your product in it. 

Something else to note about the photo text is that it does not include keywords. Since this text is edited directly into the images, keywords in this context have no impact on your listing's Amazon ranking. So, though extremely valuable in other, aforementioned ways, photo text is not a direct SEO opportunity (though its performance-boosting abilities can positively affect your Amazon rank). 


    1. Simple, focused photos are successful photos.
    2. Photo text is not indexed and does not directly impact your SEO.
    3. Center your photo text around the customer.
    4. Make it succinct and benefit-forward.
    5. Optimize your text and images for small, mobile screens. That means short text that doesn't require zooming to read.

    Effective Photo Text Example #2: 

    Increase Your Amazon Conversion Rates with Photo Text and Infographics

    After reading this photo text, you’re probably imagining your routine after savoring a steaming cup of coffee. You rinse your mug, place it in the dishwasher. And that is that. No hassle. All enjoyment.

    Highlighting benefits and using features to support your claims is an integral part of writing effective infographic text. Customers crave information to help them make confident purchasing decisions. By showcasing your products unique selling points (USPs) in your photo text, you not only inform your customer but couple that information with a well-composed image. 

    The image offers an instant connection. The text offers a memorable takeaway.


      1. Photo text is a wonderful place to highlight USPs.
      2. Create catchy, quick-to-read text.

      Effective Photo Text Example #3: 

      Increase Your Amazon Conversion Rate with Expert Amazon Listing Optimization Services and Persuasive Photo Text


      What do you notice now? The mug’s print. It’s so encouraging, isn’t it? You think about how nice it would be to see that message so you can start your days on the right foot. 

      Rather than mentioning this mug decorated with a motivational phrase, simply repeating the phrase on the mug, or digging into the font and colors, this infographic text clearly articulates why a phrase like this is just the thing your morning routine needs.


      1. Express why a feature matters.
      2. Elevate with emotion.

      All Together Now!

      If you’re looking for tips for selling on amazon, answering customers’ questions, reinforcing why you're the best choice, and building excitement with Amazon infographics will take you far. Unlock the selling power of every square inch of your Amazon listing by combining your imagery with persuasive text. 

      Feeling overwhelmed and not sure how to bring your images to life with infographic text? Let us help! At Marketing by Emma, we’ve helped e-commerce and Amazon businesses thrive with the use of effective photo text. Let us take a look at your current Amazon listing to discover what stands between you and more sales. We’d love to help you unlock your full conversion potential!

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