The Secret Behind Amazon Bullet Points That Are "Just Right"

You remember the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, right? Little girl takes a walk in the forest, discovers a cottage, goes inside. She eats bowls of porridge left on the table, and one is too hot, one is too cold, and one is just right. After testing chairs and discovering the same predicament – only one is just right – she falls asleep in Baby Bear’s bed.

What does this story have to do with your Amazon bullet points? At Marketing by Emmawe know words hold power. And like all powerful things, they require parameters. These parameters in the world of feature bullets are also known as character limits. Every product category has its own Amazon bullet points character limit. But just because Amazon lets you write big blocks of text doesn't mean that you should go wild and write big blocks of text.

Feature bullets with too few characters, like the too hard bed, leave potential buyers dissatisfied. At the same time, feature bullets with too many characters, like the too-soft bed, turn potential buyers away. So when writing your Amazon product listings, how can you find the happy medium (the baby bear bed, if you will) that makes your buyers lie down, pull up the covers, and stay a while?

Unlock your Amazon product listings’ potential and boost your Amazon conversion rate by channeling your bullets to your customers’ wants and needs.

The What and Where of Amazon Feature Bullets

Always check your category’s style guide in Seller Central before you begin to optimize Amazon listings. Most categories allow five feature bullets, and the majority are permitted up to 500 characters per bullet. However, just because you're allowed up to 500 characters per bullet doesn't mean you SHOULD maximize that space.

It’s important to consider where your bullet points will appear and when customers will see them. When it comes to Amazon, the browser’s device dictates their placement. If shoppers are on desktops or laptops, the feature bullets are right beneath the title. However, if you’re on mobile (which more and more customers are), the bullets appear below the product description.

Why does placement matter? Many Amazon sellers used to assume that the bullets were the only text most customers would see. And as a result, they’d shove as much information as possible into the bullets. But with this mobile role reversal, that’s simply not the case. So make sure your strategy stacks up.

No matter their placement, feature bullets are integral to your Amazon success. Why? Not only do bullets present information about your product in pleasing chunks (this is what buyers are looking for!), they are also essential for keyword indexing. Indexing in your feature bullets is key (pun intended) to your listing’s visibility within Amazon. The more pertinent keywords you include in your listing, including in your feature bullets, the more likely your product listings will get in front of eager customers.

Long Feature Bullets: 226-500 Characters

Old school “how to be a successful Amazon seller” tradition would have you maxing out every feature bullet’s character limit. The thought was that by maximizing the character allowance, you also maximize the amount of information and the number of keywords. It’s true. Pertinent information about your product has the power to persuade, and keywords are your listing’s spotlight. So having 2,500 characters of information and keywords between the five bullets sounds like a great strategy, yes?

Not so much.

Imagine a page that’s composed of one long paragraph. Now imagine a page with three shorter paragraphs. Which page would you be more likely to read? For most people, text broken into shorter chunks is more appealing and less intimidating than large ones. This phenomenon becomes amplified in the e-commerce sphere, where potential buyers are more likely to skim than take time to read. In fact, many customers make their decisions in mere seconds.

That’s crazy, right? But there’s something even more damning standing against long bullets. In 2019, Amazon narrowed the scope of keyword indexing in feature bullets, limiting the number of indexed keywords to 200 bytes (equivalent to approximately 200 characters) per bullet point and 1000 bytes across all bullets. That means that any keywords that appear after approximately 200 characters are throw-aways. Useless. Dead. 

So if long feature bullets, the Papa Bears of the Amazon listing optimization world, aren’t the answer, what about short ones?

Short Feature Bullets: Less than 100 Characters

Short feature bullets are perfect for skimmers. But when they get too short, you’re likely missing essential info AND important indexing opportunities.

Including all information, incorporating keywords (and incorporating them naturally, without “keyword stuffing”) is nearly impossible in super short bullets. Both of these factors cripple your Amazon conversions.

So if short feature bullets, the Mama Bears, aren’t the answer, what about medium ones? 

Medium Feature Bullets: 100-225 Characters

You’ve guessed it, we’ve found our Baby Bear! Medium-length feature bullets allow you to succinctly and creatively present information and organically weave in a host of keywords. Together, these components create well-rounded Amazon bullet points that pack a punch and maximize your listing’s visibility.

Here are some tips on how to adhere to Amazon bullet points guidelines in 2022, the Marketing by Emma way:

  • Aim for a happy medium within the medium range (100-225 characters).
  • Keep all five bullets under 1,000 characters total to ensure that Amazon indexes all your keywords. 
  • Include a catchy, informative header following standard title capitalization guidelines before your bullet content (Capitalize My Title can help if you're not sure about the rules). With headers and medium-length content, your feature bullets cater to instant judgers and careful researchers alike.
  • Set them up for skimmability. Help customers navigate your bullets to find what they need quickly and easily.
  • As always, pay attention to your writing. Make it catchy but also focused. And be sure to check for distracting spelling and grammar errors.

 Before We Say THE END

So there you have it: Our secret recipe that we've used to help over 800 businesses create five-star listings! If you feel you need an extra eye before sharing your bullets with the world, check out our free Amazon listing analysis, and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions about tips for selling on Amazon. The Marketing by Emma team wants your Amazon listings to live happily ever after.

Emma Gooch

Emma is a copywriter, ballet instructor, and word enthusiast. When not working or focusing on her master's homework, you can find her in the kitchen baking sweets or cocooned in a blanket reading books.

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