Newsletter February 5, 2021: Hitting the Ground Running

Phew, 2021 is off to a crazy pace! We've welcomed two new writers, streamlined our new project management system and training system (in ClickUp, spoiler for #6), and have a bunch of awesome content in the cooker - just to name a few of the things that I've been working on. 

Aside from restructuring pretty much everything in our business, here are some of the things I've been enjoying, looking forward to, and thinking about since welcoming in the new year:

  1. Clubhouse: If you're rolling your eyes at this, I was right there with you a month ago. Then I got an invite, dipped my toe in, thought I hated it, and then dove in head first. Now I'm fully addicted. As an endlessly curious person, I've found it to be an incredibly powerful tool for learning and connecting. Highly highly highly recommended. My handle is @mxem if you're on the platform and want to connect! It is for iPhone and iPad only right now, but if you have access to one of these tools and a way to get an invite, I'd strongly encourage you to check it out.
  2. 7 Figure Seller Summit, February 7-12: The lineup is awesome, and Gary always puts on great events. My talk is titled "Differentiate to Dominate," and I'll be diving into how you can use branding in your Amazon listing to boost your conversions and build your business. Be sure to grab your free ticket for what I'm sure will be a fantastic virtual event.
  3. Office Stool: I've tried countless seating solutions over the last few years, everything from a weird kneeling chair to the pricey Aeron holy grail. But, out of all of the sitting options I've tested, the Autonomous ErgoStool is my favorite. It forces me to sit with proper posture, meaning much less frequent headaches. It's very accommodating for my short person's needs, but also goes really high if you're tall or want to lean on it while standing.
  4. Amazon Supplement Requirements Changing: If you sell supplements or plan on selling supplements on Amazon, you want to be aware of this compliance update.
  5. Coffee Maker: Do you have a coffee maker that you LOVE? We have a french press and an Aeropress, but I'd like a really nice coffee maker for larger quantities. I've been scouring the internet, and I'm feeling very lost. Please send your recommendations our way!
  6. Systems: I know how geeky this sounds, but ClickUp has completely changed our business. It's the most comprehensive, customizable task management tool that I've used (and I've used a lot). As I've mentioned multiple times, I want this newsletter to be something you look forward to opening. Would topics like how we use ClickUp, treat processes and systems at MxEm, and more internal businessy types of topics be interesting to you? If so, let me know. 

We're preparing for a polar vortex to start descending upon us here in Central I sincerely hope it's warmer and sunnier wherever you're reading this!

Emma Tamir


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