How to Optimize Your Amazon A+ Content Copy for Success

As an Amazon seller, you have to navigate a lot of questions—whether to brand register, how to select the best keywords, which product benefits to focus on, and more.

With brand registry, sellers have yet another question to consider: Should you fill your EBC,  A+ Content, or Premium A+ Content with live text, infographic text, or both?

Infographic text is edited into a photo, while live text is typed into Amazon’s text subfield. While their actual differences may seem slight (after all, text is text, right?), their implications to design, SEO strategy, and customer experience are huge. 

If you are searching for an informed analysis of live vs. infographic text, you’re in the right place. Join Marketing by Emma as we explore the pros and cons of each to identify which strategy can help you reach your Amazon traffic and conversions goals.

Live Text

Amazon EBC or A+ design shows both infographic and live text


There are three reasons to consider having live text in your A+ Content:

  • External and Amazon search engine indexing
  • Greater description
  • Improved mobile adaption

However, these aspects come with caveats.

External Search Engine Indexing

Google and other search engines crawl A+ Content text; making it a valuable SEO opportunity. 

However, even if your A+ Content doesn’t have live text, your image keywords ensure that your A+ Content contains keywords. This means that entirely infographic A+ Content is still fulfilling its search engine indexing potential.

Greater Description

If your product is especially technical or detailed, your customers may need more information than what a purely infographic A+ Content can contain. In this case, live text may be beneficial. 

However, there’s a balance you must find. You don’t want your A+ Content to be overrun with text. This will cause clutter, not clarity. 

Consider that you begin constructing your content knowing everything about your product, but your customer might not need to. Take a step back and ask yourself what questions you would have about the product if you were the customer. Make certain to answer those in your listing, but leave more supplementary information to your instructions manual. 

If your product warrants live text, we recommend placing it at the end of your A+ Content in bullets, paragraphs, or lists. This allows you to separate the visual experience of image-centric infographic text and detail-oriented live text while still having both!

Improved Mobile Adaption

Live text does have the potential to conform more easily to mobile view. Plus, it is formatted for accessibility readers so customers with hearing difficulties can still learn about your product. 

You knew there was a “but” coming: But you can build infographic content that boasts both of these benefits. Just make sure your infographic text is succinct and large and ensure your image keywords clearly describe module images. 

Infographic Text

Infographic Amazon EBC or A+ Content design for increased traffic


The reasons to consider having infographic text focus around your customers:

  • Attention-grabbing presentation
  • Faster comprehension
  • Imagery and emotion rich
Attention-Grabbing Presentation

Infographic A+ Content looks like a website, creating a seamless, high-quality visual experience for customers. 

Look at the two modules below. The first one is infographic and the second one has live text.

Amazon EBC or A+ design has text edited into photos

Amazon EBC or A+ design takes the brand registry seo strategy of live text


Which one looks cleaner and would not interrupt your perusal of the listing if you came across it on Amazon? Likely you chose the first one, the infographic example.

Faster Comprehension

Consider this data

  • 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual.
  • Visuals are processed 60,000X faster in the brain than text.

Research agrees that infographic modules, especially ones that contain little text, are easier for customers to digest. Therefore, customers can come away from an infographic listing feeling informed and ready to purchase—faster.  

Imagery and Emotion Rich

Infographic A+ Content allows for images to take center stage, exciting the eye and tugging at the heart. Customers are people and take in your listing with an emotional agenda, wanting an answer to the question, “How is this product going to make my life better?” Imagery-rich content has a greater potential to do that than textually focused content.


BONUS: Image Keywords (SEO Alt Text)

In addition to the text you see on the customer-facing side of A+ Content or Premium A+ Content, there's another set of fields that can also have a significant positive impact on your SEO performance: image keywords.

These are Amazon's version of alt text, and they help make your images searchable and accessible for the visually impaired. In addition, they are another area where you can get an extra SEO boost, when written effectively. 

For a complete guide to Amazon image keywords, check out this article.

The Thing About All Text

Be selective. 

Whether you opt for infographic or live text or a combination of both, choose your words carefully. You may be tempted to think that more text is better. After all, customers come to your listing hoping to be informed, right? Yes, but no. 

Check out this Amazon listing, then meet us back here. 

Did their A+ Content feel overwhelming? There is too much text! This Amazon seller packed text into their images and text boxes, creating an intense reading experience.

People’s attention spans are getting shorter and shorter, and blocks of text most likely won’t keep them engaged. Plus, chunks of text are intimidating and in many cases unnecessary. 

Less is often more.

Last Bit of Text

Feel empowered to choose the most beneficial text for your EBC or A+ Content? We hope so! 

At Marketing by Emma, we specialize in succinct, informative, and creative e-commerce copy. Let us help you optimize your Amazon listing with the infographic or live text of your dreams!

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