Premium real estate, magical solutions, and lessons from Barbie: July 2023 Newsletter


Holy moly, August is on the doorstep, which means that back to school is in full gear and holiday season is not-so-patiently waiting on the sidelines. Things have been moving at full speed, and they're only going to pick up as the fall conference season kicks into swing.

So, let's go ahead and get into things!

1. Can Amazon sellers capitalize on big trends? The US is still under the spell of Barbie mania. And whether you decided to hop onto this trend or not, it's undeniable that the marketing of this movie had a massive impact on consumer buyer behavior. For certain sellers, this was an opportunity to capture the increase in demand. Check out this video about how you can effectively use trends and seasonality to boost your bottom line.

2. Are you taking advantage of Premium A+ Content on Amazon? This used to be an invite-only program that had a heavy price tag. A year ago, Amazon made it free to brand registered sellers that meet certain criteria. Surprisingly the vast majority are still not taking advantage of it. Whether you're all in or have never heard about it, this blog gives a full rundown of what it is, why it's important, and how you can make the most of your premium A+ real estate.

3. Does music boost your productivity? It might depend on your personality, mood, and task complexity. Extroverts, experts, and working creatives will find music helpful with focus, and introverts, novices, and those who need less of a creative escape may need to save their playlist for the drive home.

Last month I shared about my love of the Pomodoro method supercharged with a good Spotify playlist. I asked the team for some of their favorite music for getting in the work zone, and here are a few responses:
- "Lately classical has been my fave."
- "I really like "Indie Folk for Focus" on Spotify. There's also an amazing duo from Ballake Sissoko and Vincent Ségal (Senegalese cora player and a French cellist)."
And some of us still prefer a quiet room for maximum productivity.

4. Is logic an advantage or an obstacle? I just started reading the book Alchemy by Rory Sutherland, and he thinks that reliance on logical thinking is one of the biggest roadblocks to finding magical solutions to complex problems. If you're looking to stretch your creativity, learn from one of the advertising greats, and challenge your thinking, it may be worth a read. Full disclosure, I'm only 75 pages in, so I'm not yet ready to give it a full endorsement.

5. Brush up on the basics of what it takes to create a winning Amazon listing in 2023. In this episode of the Brand Builder Show podcast, Emma talks with Ben about how to approach copywriting to win conversions and loyal customers.

Until next time!

Emma Schermer Tamir
CEO & Co-founder | Marketing by Emma
p: 573.864.2010

P.S. This newsletter is a shared effort. With your feedback, we can be sure to include content that you want to see. So pretty pretty please, let me know what you’re interested in, what you’d like to see more of, or any other thoughts or suggestions you might have. Your insights are very much welcome.

Emma Schermer Tamir

Emma Schermer Tamir transforms her curiosity into conversion-spiking copy. As CEO and Co-founder of Marketing by Emma, an international e-commerce copywriting firm founded in 2016, she’s helped more than 1500 brands grow their businesses online. In addition to leading her team, she's a sought-after speaker, educator, and consultant for selling on Amazon, online branding, and e-commerce copywriting.

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