So fresh and so clean: January 2024 Newsletter

Focus. We all know it's vital to success. But honing it is harder than ever. The very tools we use to grow our businesses simultaneously sabotage our ability to find it.

Trying to fix my focus problem makes me feel like I'm laying down rules for a misbehaving child:

- One screen at a time.
- Limit social media.
- It's good to be bored!

I need the internet, and yet, when I open a new browser all of my best intentions disappear. I set time limits, I ignore them. I download site blocker extensions, I find work arounds.

It’s not enough to set an intention to scroll less. Something primal is happening, beneath our reasoning rational minds. So what do we do?

For me, it’s deleting social apps off my phone. It’s using a pomodoro timer for deliberate work. It’s creating empty time where I’m not reading, listening, watching, or interacting with anything.

None of these are perfect, but I realize that regaining my ability to focus deeply is imperative to thriving.

What do you do to hone your focus? Let me know!

And now, onto this month’s roundup:

1. Recent Videos: New videos drop every Wednesday! Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out on any knowledge bombs.
2. Beware of Amazon AI: Amazon’s AI has started creating problems for some sellers over the last few weeks. Multiple people have been reporting unapproved listing updates that are negatively impacting their businesses and causing huge headaches. Get a full synopsis (including what to do if it happens to you and how to opt-out) from Kevin King.

3. Current Read: New year means new networking events. As an introvert, I’m always looking for ways to feel more confident in networking situations. This book delivered some good gems, however, the farther along you go, the more dated and repetitive the content becomes.

4. Back That Data Up: Did you know that relying on the Cloud to back your data up doesn’t cut it? I was recently speaking with a cybersecurity expert who recommended ALL important data, even if it’s on the cloud, should be backed up on hard drives. I just made the switch to SSD external hard drives, and it makes the whole process so much faster.

5. Question: Do you know any YouTube experts? One of my goals for 2024 is to figure out YouTube. This is a whole new frontier for me, and I realize that I have a lot to learn. Who is a YouTube expert that I should be following?

Warmly (especially for those of you currently under the Arctic Blast),


Emma Schermer Tamir

Emma Schermer Tamir transforms her curiosity into conversion-spiking copy. As CEO and Co-founder of Marketing by Emma, an international e-commerce copywriting firm founded in 2016, she’s helped more than 1500 brands grow their businesses online. In addition to leading her team, she's a sought-after speaker, educator, and consultant for selling on Amazon, online branding, and e-commerce copywriting.

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