Unlock the Full Potential of Your Amazon Product Description

Once you receive your Amazon brand registry and start creating Enhanced Brand Content, it can be all too tempting to ignore your product description. After all, how could a boring lump of text compete with that shiny new A+ Content (or Premium A+ Content) proudly displayed on your Amazon listing? 

If you're already eagerly awaiting your brand registry, what's the point of fiddling with all of those HTML tags that come with writing Amazon product descriptions?

And if you've decided that the A+/Enhanced Brand Content Amazon advantage isn't for you, then why would you possibly consider investing anything in Amazon conversion rate optimization?

I wish I could say all of this "rationale" was exaggeration. But these are all conversations I regularly have with Amazon sellers. And while that may be unfortunate news for the people that think this way, it creates a remarkable opportunity for people like you.

The value of optimizing your product description SEO and Amazon listings in general compounds over time, influencing everything from the obvious increase in sales, to less considered aspects like your account health, PPC costs, and brand loyalty. In this video, I break down the unexpected benefits within your Amazon Product Description—the section that's picked last for kickball, the ugly duckling of your Amazon listing optimization efforts.


Top 2 Benefits of a Product Description (Even with A+ Content)

1. Indexing, Indexing, Indexing!

image showing how product descriptions boost amazon indexing and amazon ranking

Once you’ve got yourself a killer A+ Content spread for your product geared toward your target audience, it’s tempting to just erase your product description permanently. Greener pastures, am I right? But not so fast! 

Most experts say that search terms in your Enhanced Brand Content doesn't index on Amazon, and that it only indexes on external search engines such as Google. Most of the star power for the A+ Content comes down to content and design—in other words, if it’s well-made and informative for your target audience, it’s an amazing asset. However, the product description does index regardless of whether there is A+ Content! By cutting out your old faithful product description, you may be tossing away prime opportunities for additional SEO and indexing within Amazon’s algorithm.

The product description shouldn’t be visible while your A+ Content is present. This means it’ll toil away in the background, boosting your index internally while your A+ Content wows the crowd. If you make sure it’s well optimized with good keywords, it’ll only improve your performance in the tricky labyrinth of Amazon!

2. A+ Content Failing? Never Fear!

glitch image representing what can happen when A+ Content fails without a product description

Extra indexing is a great reason alone to take advantage of your product description field, but that’s not all. Though your product description shouldn’t be visible if your A+ Content is, sometimes glitches happen. Your A+ Content may fail, not load properly, or not load at all. 

Of course, once you notice such an issue, reach out to Amazon straight away. But we’re all human—it’d be nice to check all your listings multiple times a day to make sure everything is running smoothly, but that’s just not possible. 

If your A+ Content is glitching or has been removed for a flagging issue, your product description will show up in its place! While your customers may not get the visual excitement of an A+ Content section, they’ll still have access to all the information they may need. 

And separately, having the product description ready and waiting when you need it means you can spend more time troubleshooting how to get your A+ Content back online. If it’s a more long-term challenge, such as a flagging issue, there’ll be a lot less pressure on your end to get it updated. 

For these reasons, we highly recommend that you ensure your product description includes all the important information from your A+ Content section. Think of it as a backup that can do all the heavy lifting while your A+ Content is out sick. If vital information is missing, this will defeat the point of having it as a safety net.

We know it’s tempting to look at those 2,000 characters of prime real estate, ignore all the best-practice tips for selling on Amazon, and stuff your product description with every keyword under the sun. However, remember that Amazon’s rules are apt to change on a dime, so there’s no guarantee your keyword-stuffed product description will remain safely tucked away from public view. Not to mention keyword stuffing also goes against Amazon’s guidelines, setting you up for potential suspension. Amazon may also choose to showcase your product description elsewhere on the site, making it crucial to keep this section accurate, well-written, and up-to-date.

That doesn’t mean you should forego keywords altogether, though. Product descriptions are a great place to weave in keywords that didn’t fit in your title and bullets due to character limits. Just make sure they are skillfully added in with convincing copy that prioritizes the reader’s experience even as they boost your product description SEO value.

    What’s Next?

    Taking the time to optimize and utilize this underrated chunk of your listing will pull you ahead of the competition, and your customers will benefit, too! 

    If you need a second pair of eyes, we’d love to offer you a free listing analysis! And for any of your Amazon listing needs, don’t worry—all of your A+ Content packages automatically come with product descriptions.

    At Marketing by Emma, we understand the power of a well-crafted product description. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, let us be your one-stop guide to selling on Amazon! We offer expert Amazon listing services to help you craft the perfect product description that will give you an edge over your competitors.

    Our team of talented writers takes a holistic approach to its Amazon listing optimization service. Not only will they craft a well-written product description packed with carefully researched keywords, but they will also ensure it fits seamlessly with every other part of your listing, resulting in a strong, convincing listing in which every part works together to convert shoppers into buyers.

    Need help striking the perfect balance between keyword use and convincing copy in your product description? Let us be your guide to selling on Amazon. We’ve got you covered!

    Emma Schermer Tamir

    Emma Schermer Tamir transforms her curiosity into conversion-spiking copy. As CEO and Co-founder of Marketing by Emma, an international e-commerce copywriting firm founded in 2016, she’s helped more than 1500 brands grow their businesses online. In addition to leading her team, she's a sought-after speaker, educator, and consultant for selling on Amazon, online branding, and e-commerce copywriting.

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