Go Beyond Basic SEO with Amazon A9: The A to Z of Amazon Keyword Ranking

As an Amazon seller, you know your ranking is important, but Amazon and all its mysterious inner workings can feel overwhelming. In fact, you might even wonder if the platform is actively working against you when you see your listings getting buried under a pile of similar products. Once you understand why this is happening, however, you can take steps to turn Amazon’s rules to your advantage.

A9 is the name of Amazon’s unique algorithm, which ranks your products according to different rules than Google and other search engines. Let’s dive into how it works and what you need to know. 

The Basics: Amazon A9 FAQ

What is A9?

Products must be categorized for shoppers to find them. A9 is Amazon’s method for indexing products according to relevant metrics, and it ultimately determines where your product appears in an Amazon search result. Specifically, A9 compiles information to determine if a consumer is likely to buy your product. 

Below, we see an example of the first search result page for “iphone cases”:

search engine results image iphone cases from two brands clear and green case

Based on this definition of the A9 algorithm, the first results that populate on this page are the phone cases that customers are most likely to purchase.

How could Amazon possibly riddle this out?

Well, the platform isn’t reading your mind or pulling it from your Alexa. There are much easier ways to gather this information.

What metrics does A9 use?

wooden ruler sitting against a bright yellow background

A9 looks at more than just keywords on Amazon to analyze the heart of your listing:

  1. Search page click-through-rate (CTR)
  2. Conversion rate on your product page
  3. Your overall product sales
  4. Pricing
  5. Copy 

How does Amazon gather this information?

A9 is an algorithm bot that surveys your products in comparison to other relevant listings while taking into consideration all the factors listed above. 

Does this mean keywords aren’t important?

Absolutely not. The copy component involves a review of your title, description, and bullets. Keywords are crucial for product listing's Amazon SEO as well as your ranking on Google and other search engines. 

How this info translates into: BUY ME! 

These key metrics are taken into account by Amazon because they tell Amazon how popular your product is. 

Why is popularity important?

Amazon wants people to purchase products that benefit them and sellers alike, so if your product is relevant and purchased often, that means another buyer may be likely to purchase it. (See, it’s not too sneaky—it’s actually pretty straightforward!)

This can be frustrating for sellers with brand-new listings and very few purchases to their name. So…

What can I do to make my listing the apple of A9’s eye?

Use the Algorithm to your advantage. There are tactics that can help you can drive sales and have A9 eating out of the palm of your hand:

Don’t underestimate Amazon keyword research.

  • Keywords are important because they're how people find you. Make sure you are infusing your listing with the highest-ranking keywords possible. There are a variety of research tools out there to find relevant terms for your products, such as Helium 10 and Ubersuggest.
Upgrade your images
  • Include quality, eye-catching photos that make consumers want to experience the product. Photos are one of the first things potential buyers are exposed to, and solid images can help build trust.
Maximize the space you're given. 
Write a clean, compelling title. 
  • Ensure your title prioritizes readability as well as SEO. Include high-ranking keywords and pertinent information for buyers right off the bat that isn’t stuffed with poor grammar and keywords. 
Keep descriptions and bullets digestible. 
  • Most buyers will skim the bullets, so make your writing clear and simple, and use relevant Amazon keywords without resorting to stuffing. This helps buyers find the information they need and understand how it will make their lives better. 

Below is a potential bullet point for a generic iPhone case on Amazon that is clear and customer-centric. The keyword is “shock absorbing case”.

"Serious Drop Protection – Pick up your phone and let go of worries. Keep your phone looking like new for longer thanks to your shock absorbing case designed to reduce the impact of game-over slips and drops." 

Create an Amazon Listing the A9 Bots Love

As a seller, you know that SEO in Amazon is a lot more intensive than uploading a listing and waiting for your conversion rates to grow. Make your job easier by understanding what you can do to help Amazon find and rank your product highly.

Need help compiling a stellar keyword list Amazon will love? At Marketing by Emma, your listings are our priority and passion. If you’re feeling lost in the A9 forest, let us help you develop a map to improved ranking, increased discoverability, and overall Amazon success with a complimentary listing analysis.

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