Maximizing Your Brand's Potential on Amazon: The Benefits of Brand Registry

Amazon has become the go-to online marketplace for millions of shoppers looking to purchase anything from household staples to niche products. As such, it represents a major sales channel for brands across all industries. However, the sheer size and scope of Amazon also introduce challenges when it comes to protecting your brand identity and effectively marketing your products in this competitive landscape. This is where Amazon Brand Registry comes in—offering brands powerful tools and features to enhance brand presence while safeguarding trademarks and intellectual property.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the many advantages of Amazon Brand Registry and why it has become an invaluable asset for eligible brands selling on Amazon. We will provide an overview of Brand Registry and delve into the program’s benefits across key areas including brand protection, marketing capabilities, advanced analytics, and exclusive early access to new Amazon tools. Whether you are already selling products on Amazon or considering expanding to this dominant platform, Brand Registry can help maximize your brand potential while giving you more control over how your brand is presented and protected in the marketplace. Read on to learn how Brand Registry sets brands up for success on the world’s largest online retail stage.

What is Amazon Brand Registry?

Amazon brand registry graphic showing icons representing a brand registered business

Amazon Brand Registry is a free service offered by Amazon to provide registered brand owners with powerful tools to manage and protect their brand on the Amazon marketplace. Brands enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry gain access to special features and benefits designed to help promote and maintain the integrity of their brand. For more information on how to enroll, read all about the nitty-gritty details of the brand registration process here.

Some key capabilities unlocked by Amazon Brand Registry include:

  • Streamlined process for reporting brand violations

  • Enhanced brand content (A+ Content) for engaging product pages

  • Customizable brand storefront

  • Powerful analytics on brand performance [link to upcoming brand analytics blog]

  • Early access to new Amazon features

Ultimately, the brand registry program gives brands more control over how their products are presented on Amazon while providing data-driven insights to inform branding and marketing strategies.

How Amazon Brand Registry Protects Your Trademark

umbrella symbolizing how your brand dashboard protects your brand store

One of the core pillars of Amazon Brand Registry is enhanced protection for registered trademarks and brands selling on Amazon. Upon approval into Brand Registry, Amazon formally identifies and recognizes your brand assets and intellectual property.

This makes it far easier to find and report listings that infringe on your trademarks through unauthorized use or counterfeit products. Brand Registry also unlocks powerful tools to proactively manage brand presence across Amazon.

Tools for Finding and Reporting Violations

Brand Registry provides a streamlined process for identifying and reporting violations to your trademarks from unfair competition or counterfeits. Key tools include:

  • Trademark Dashboard: Centralized hub to monitor trademark health and quickly find violations

  • Active Monitoring Tools: Actively scan for and flag unauthorized use of brand name and logos

  • Streamlined Reporting: Easy form to instantly report perceived violations to Amazon

  • Enhanced Response: Prioritized support and accelerated investigation of issues

With these features, Brand Registry account holders can act quickly to get infringing listings removed while collecting powerful documentary evidence of brand abuse.

Real-World Examples of Brand Protection in Action

Outdoor apparel brand The North Face utilized Amazon Brand Registry tools to rapidly detect and remove counterfeit listings illegally using their trademarks. Within months they were able to eliminate over 130,000 listings representing over $7 million in potential lost revenue.

the north face used brand registry support to protects its active registered trademark

Similarly, smartphone accessory maker UGreen leveraged Brand Registry’s active monitoring to catch offenders misspelling their brand name to skirt past filters. They efficiently eliminated infringing listings and prevented brand dilution.

ugreen is an example of a brand registered company that used brand analytics to protects its brand trademark

Managing Brand Presence Across Amazon Marketplaces

globe model symbolizing how amazon brand registry program helps increase product sales globally

An additional benefit of Amazon Brand Registry is the ability to manage brand content and listings across Amazon’s global marketplaces from a single portal.

Whether you sell on (U.S.), (Canada), (U.K.) or European Amazon sites, Brand Registry allows you to align product info, your search terms and keywords, and brand messaging across these regions for consistency.

This level of centralized control enables both effective brand management and optimization for local contexts.

Tips for Leveraging Brand Registry Globally

Here are some tips on utilizing Brand Registry tools and features to maximize brand protection globally:

  • Use trademark dashboard to monitor brand health by region

  • Localize reporting forms for country-specific notices and takedowns

  • Adapt A+ content for cultural nuances and language differences

  • Analyze performance trends across markets to identify growth opportunities

  • Unify brand presentation by customizing Amazon Stores globally

With vigilance and savvy strategy, Brand Registry is invaluable for extending your brand integrity to Amazon marketplaces around the world.

A+ Content and Marketing Features

tablet showing brand analytics data and the search query performance dashboard

A+ Content

One of the most valuable benefits of Amazon Brand Registry is access to A+ Content, formerly known as Enhanced Brand Content.

A+ Content allows brands to upgrade product pages on Amazon with immersive and engaging imagery, videos, charts, and custom text. This rich brand content is proven to increase conversion rates by helping customers better understand and connect with products during their purchasing journey.

Key benefits include:

  • Increase conversion rates and sales

  • Reduce returns through better-set expectations

  • Build brand affinity with storytelling

  • Convey key product features and details

  • Create trust and preference for your brand

By upgrading to Premium A+ Content, sellers can further optimize product pages to increase conversions. Premium A+ Content enables features like comparison tables, infographics, interactive images, and video demo reels. Implementing Premium A+ can lead to impressive results—according to Amazon, products with Premium A+ Content can see conversion rate increases of up to 20%.

With the high volume of traffic and purchases driven through Amazon, small conversion rate improvements can translate into a meaningful boost in sales. By taking advantage of Premium A+ Content, Brand Registry members can better showcase their products, promote their brand, and drive more customers to purchase on Amazon.

Brand Story

feature available to sellers after their pending trademark application is approved

Another feature available exclusively to Brand Registry members is Brand Story. This allows brands to share their story, values, and branding prominently on product detail pages. Brand Story panels can include images, videos, logos, and text to engage customers and establish the brand identity. On desktop screens, these stories are featured directly above the A+ Content for high visibility. Sellers have the option to create one overarching Brand Story to appear across all product pages, highlighting their brand background, achievements, and standards. For companies with multiple brands in their range, separate unique Brand Stories can be constructed to represent the distinct brand identities. Adding Brand Story content provides brands the ability to educate, connect with, and influence purchasing decisions of customers browsing products online. Research shows that emotional connections drive buyer loyalty—and Brand Story helps create affinity.

Sponsored Brand Ads and Amazon Stores

Alongside A+ Content, Brand Registry invites access to Sponsored Brands self-service advertising and custom Amazon Stores.

amazon store example accessible to brand owners with the brand registry program

An Amazon store is a customizable brand page that acts as curated, multimedia storefronts for brands. Stores allow brands to control design and user experience while hosting videos, images, and content that help nurture customers along the buyer's journey.

Combined, the Amazon store and sponsored ad options enable brands to effectively promote and market products through targeted ads and optimized brand touchpoints. For a more in-depth look at these features, check out our blog on the great features that come with Brand Registry!

Brand Analytics

brand analytics cartoon graph showing increased traffic on your seller central account

One powerful advantage unlocked by Amazon Brand Registry is access to Brand Analytics, a robust suite of data regarding brand performance and customer purchase behavior. This tool provides valuable insights, allowing sellers to make informed decisions about their product listings, marketing strategies, and overall brand performance on Amazon.

For more information about the insights you can gain from Brand Analytics and how to apply this data to your own business, read on blog on the topic here.

Exclusive Tools and Beta Features

Access to Customer Engagement Tools

By joining the Brand Registry, brands gain access to unique customer engagement tools that can significantly enhance the shopping experience, foster stronger brand loyalty, and drive sales.

Let's delve into some key examples of these tools and how they can be utilized effectively.

Amazon Live: Interactive Brand Storytelling

amazon live banner a tool that helps customers interact with companies through the brand registry program

Amazon Live is a game-changer for brands looking to engage with their audience in real time. This feature allows you to create live-streaming videos where you can showcase product demos, tutorials, and share your brand story. What sets Amazon Live apart is its seamless integration of shopability—viewers can purchase your products directly through the live stream. This immediacy not only boosts impulse purchases but also enhances product visibility and engagement.

brand owners replying to customers on amazon live to guide their shopping journey and encourage repeat purchase behavior

  • Maximizing Amazon Live: To make the most out of Amazon Live, plan your content strategy around product launches, special promotions, or seasonal guides. Engage with your audience by answering questions in real time and providing exclusive insights into your products. The more value and interaction you offer, the deeper the connection you'll forge with your viewers.

Amazon Posts: Shoppable Social Content

person scrolling on social network top shop a brand's products on mobile

With Amazon Posts, brands have the opportunity to dive into a more social aspect of e-commerce. This feature enables you to publish shoppable content directly on your product detail pages, similar to a social media feed. You can share gift guides, product spotlights, and announcements, transforming your product pages into dynamic, engaging spaces that tell your brand's story.

  • Leveraging Amazon Posts: Treat Amazon Posts like your brand's social media channel within Amazon. Regularly update your feed with high-quality images and compelling copy that highlights your products' features and benefits. Use posts to cross-promote items, share usage tips, and announce special deals. The key is consistency and quality, ensuring your brand stays top of mind for shoppers browsing on Amazon.

Early Access to New Tools and Programs

Amazon Brand Registry stands not just as a protective shield for your brand, but as a gateway to innovation and strategic advancement on the world's largest online marketplace. For the brands that qualify, this program offers more than just security—it's a pass to the front lines of e-commerce evolution. Here's how getting early access through Amazon Brand Registry can serve as a pivotal advantage for your brand.

Exclusive Sneak Peeks and Beta Testing

The essence of Amazon Brand Registry's value proposition lies in its ability to offer brands an exclusive preview of the future. As part of this invite-only community, your brand isn't just operating in the present but is also being prepared for what's next. Amazon frequently develops new tools, features, and programs designed to enhance the seller and customer experience alike. Being part of this ecosystem means you're among the first to know, test, and provide feedback on these innovations.

Complementary Product Sets

One exciting new feature currently available through a pilot program for select brand-registered sellers is Complementary Product Sets. This tool allows brands to showcase related products that work well together, such as a shampoo, conditioner, hair mask, and dry shampoo.

There are two modules available under this Complementary Product Sets feature:

Product Showcase Cards: This module displays a carousel of up to four related products, each with its own image, title, and rating information.

complementary product set to optimize amazon listing

Single Image with Text: This module features a single, curated image representing the complementary product set, along with text highlighting the products included.

complementary product set for amazon listing optimization

To participate in this pilot, brands must have at least 2 and no more than 4 products that meet the eligibility criteria - each product must have at least a 4-star rating and receive high traffic on the Amazon marketplace. This 5-week trial launched on April 2, 2024 and is currently only available to select brand-registered sellers.

While the exact placement on the product detail page has not yet been finalized, these Complementary Product Sets will be displayed under the header "Shop the Brand Collection" to help customers easily discover related items from the same brand.

Influence on Future E-commerce Tools

Your engagement with pre-launch tools isn't limited to mere access; it's an opportunity to influence the development of Amazon's offerings. Feedback from early users like you helps Amazon refine and adjust features to better meet the needs of brands and their customers. This collaborative approach to innovation ensures that the tools you'll later rely on are not just advanced but are also aligned with real-world needs and scenarios.

Crafting Future-Ready Strategies

With insights into Amazon's roadmap, your brand can plan with a forward-looking perspective. Early information about upcoming features and trends enables you to prepare your product development, marketing strategies, and inventory management for the next big thing. This foresight is invaluable for staying ahead of market shifts and consumer preferences, ensuring that your brand remains relevant and competitive.

As Amazon continues to expand its suite of tools and features, the importance of being an early adopter through the Brand Registry cannot be overstated. It's an opportunity to ensure that when new waves of innovation arrive, your brand is ready to surf them to new heights of success on Amazon.


array of tools symbolizing how brand analytics maximizes your sales funnel

As we have explored, Amazon Brand Registry unlocks a robust suite of capabilities for brands looking to amplify their presence and protection on the world’s leading e-commerce platform.

By enrolling, brands gain access to powerful tools to safeguard trademarks through proactive monitoring and streamlined reporting. Brand Registry also enables advanced brand content, shopping experiences, and analytics that engage consumers while providing data-driven insights to sharpen strategies.

Additional perks like exclusive emerging features and market testing opportunities give brand-registered companies an edge in harnessing platform innovation for growth.

Together, these benefits enable brands to optimize awareness, trust, conversion, and loyalty on Amazon while ensuring their most valuable assets—trademarks, brands identity, and intellectual property—remain protected from infringement.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

climber on a mountain summit symbolising the many brand registry benefits

For eligible brands not already realizing these advantages, now is the time to apply for Amazon Brand Registry. It's the gateway to added influence and control over your ecommerce engine of growth that pays dividends across performance efficiency, risk mitigation, and customer engagement.

As specialists in Amazon brand building and optimization, Marketing by Emma encourages all qualifying brands to enroll and lean into the tools unlocked by Brand Registry. Let us help you craft data-driven content strategies, immersive Storefront experiences, and branding designed explicitly to convert Amazon's hundreds of millions of shoppers into loyal customers. Contact us to learn more.

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