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The Amazon ecosphere can’t stop buzzing about how different SEO and Amazon listing optimization is now that generative AI has entered the chat.

AI, COSMO, Rufus, oh my!

Amazon SEO is changing. Here’s what you need to succeed.

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Getting to really know people doesn’t just help you become a better marketer, leader, and entrepreneur. It’s also the foundation for living a rich life. While this isn’t a traditional business book, you’re sure to walk away with insights and skills to improve your personal and business world. Thank you to my dad for this recommendation!

Drink Up: 

Now that it’s summer in Vegas, we officially live in a sauna (even my 6am walks are scorching). This is my favorite way to stay hydrated. Delicious flavor and full of healthy vitamins and minerals.

Resellers Are Coming for Your Inbox: 

Are you suddenly drowning in emails from companies you’ve never heard of? Turns out it’s the latest newsletter software next door that’s to blame. Beehiv and Sparkloop are conducting what is essentially audience arbitrage. Dig into the good and bad to decide whether this is a good fit for your business.


PLUS, if you’ve been curious about selling on Walmart, now is a great time to dive in. With their New Seller Savings promo, you can unlock major savings on fees.

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