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How about we just dive into this month’s roundup?

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I can safely say that I am not the intended audience for this book. However, when I’m able to get beyond all of the war stories, I do find the leadership lessons to be salient, insightful, and worthwhile.

Hang In There: 

In my endless quest to counteract the damage of sitting at my desk, I’ve returned to hanging as a necessary part of my daily routine. This does the trick and won’t damage your walls, though if you don’t mind causing a little damage, you can probably get something more stable and secure.

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  • Want to learn the latest about what it takes to drive traffic and conversions to your Amazon and Walmart products? Be sure to join me at AdMax! Plus, I’m delivering a deep dive into the power of branding that you won’t want to miss.
  • Check out this episode of Asymmetric Marketing Podcast, where we talk about how to transform your traffic with top-notch copy
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Google is rolling out some BIG changes this week!

  • AI Overviews - short summary answer combined with links to learn more. It goes without saying that this is going to have a massive impact on SEO AND people running around with bad information.
  • Direct Checkout through Google & YouTube Apps - allows customers to click “buy now” directly from your Shopify listings. Reduces friction, which could lead to better conversions.

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