Outshine the Competition: How to Set Your Amazon Products Apart

Establishing your eCommerce brand and selling on Amazon is an exciting task that comes with its own share of fears, one being “What if my product gets lost amongst other similar products?” It’s true—Amazon is a crowded marketplace. So what’s the trick to standing out in a saturated market setting? 

On the surface, similar products offer the same solution to the proposed problem. But your product is as individual as you are. Dig deeper, tap into what led you down your chosen path, and bring that story front and center. 

Discover your niche with some crucial eCommerce marketing tips and shine bright in a sea of sameness. 

Your Origin Story

The first step is to consider your why. 

We all love an origin story. Marvel tapped into the market of exploring character stories, and we can’t get enough. Why is that? Knowing where someone comes from raises the stakes by injecting a story with heart and authenticity. A human lies behind the persona they’ve constructed. Now, it’s personal. 

So, what lies behind your desire to market and sell this product?

Use your story to convey why you’re qualified to provide potential buyers with this product. Maybe you have a background in science or media. Maybe, after years of health issues, you took your problems into your own hands. 

Tell your story and spark an immediate personal connection with your buyers. 

Let’s explore an example to get started!

Imagine you are selling bath bombs. There are a lot of bath bombs on Amazon, so what made you decide to sell them? Let's say you are a lifelong athlete and have been on the search for a soothing post-workout routine. Boom—that’s your origin story!

Muscle Rehab is a brand selling on Amazon that targets post-workout muscle tension, a specific interest and huge pain point for athletes.

blue and black bag of fizzing bath bombs

 Identify Your Values: What Do You Stand For?

You know your origin story, so what are you bringing to the table with it? Every great brand (and superhero) adheres to a code of honor. In a crowded market, today’s Amazon customer is looking for brands that stand for something and bring a sense of value to their product and the buyer's life.   

Nalgene is a consistent brand that displays a distinct commitment to a design made for active users. They have maintained this position for years. Buyers know what to expect, and the quality of reliability is priceless. Reliability is the narrative they lean into, and it works.

hiking woman at the summit of mountain stopping to drink from large Nalgene water bottle

Make your mission and values clear and impactful for your potential buyers. Tell them who you are, and stick to it.

Let’s Get Specific: Who Are You Saving?

It may be tempting to market to the masses. Larger net, more fish, right? You may get more traffic, but traffic doesn’t always lend to a conversion. Zero in on your audience, and find your niche. 

Imagine you are selling soap on Amazon. There are 10 billion “soaps” on the market, so you have to be more than just soap. You have to provide a solution for specific needs. Is your bath product for hands or body or dishes or greasy baby ducks? Your passion and values will help guide your choice of market.

For example, if you are an athlete, maybe your soap is geared toward calming sore muscles. If you’re a parent to teenagers, maybe you want to be the one that finally eliminates teen BO everywhere (you really would be a hero). If you’ve experienced chronic pain, you may seek to comfort those who need a soothing essential oil soap that calms without chemicals. 

Village Naturals Therapy is a soap geared toward those with chronic pain and provides relief for better sleep and comfort at nighttime. 

amazon listing example of a bath oil and body wash set

This soap example is:

  • Audience specific
  • Offers a solution to a particular problem 
  • Has a clear voice

Demonstrate Your Values and Get Creative: Gather up Your Gear

Now that you know your origin story, values, and who you’re saving, let’s pick a costume!

It’s time to establish your voice and design. Once you know the first, the second will come fairly naturally. 

Do you want to be funny (rescuing the world from teen BO)? Do you want to be sentimental and caring (offering relief for those who are suffering from physical pain)?

When offering a product to the masses on Amazon or in any eCommerce marketing capacity, your voice will massively differentiate your product. It expresses your Amazon brand personality and is the visible evidence of your mission.

Your brand “cape” or “costume” takes shape through your descriptions, bullets, photo text, lifestyle imagery, and A+ content. 

A Few Amazon Tips:

  • Discover your tone and be true to it.
  • Find small ways to nod to your brand—be creative! 
  • The little things matter. They reveal the heart of your company and give you a leg up. 
  • Find a design and colors that visually represent your tone.  
  • Be consistent. 

Dr. Squatch knows its audience. They exemplify defining and targeting buyer needs by setting a tone. This is humorous and clearly geared toward rough-and-tumble customers, even at a glance. 

THAT is the kind of clarity you want to achieve.

quirky smiling man in the forest with a stack of boxed soap bars

Be Transparent: Remove the Mask

By adhering to the above points, you’re most of the way there. But the next step is critical:

Be honest with your customers.

Today's buyer appreciates an Amazon brand that is vulnerable and transparent above all else. Be true to your identity (this is where you’ll want to break away from our trusty superhero metaphor. Remember how they always have to hide who they are and never get to be with the person they love? I’m not crying—you’re crying). 

  • Be genuine.
  • Care for your customers.
  • Receive feedback with an open mind.

You will grab and hold a customer's attention with a tone that MEANS something to you. If you’re specific and honest, they will come. 

Maintain this reliability in your customer service. Even if you’ve made a mistake, a customer will always value a response and honesty. Figure out what went wrong and make it right. 

Respond to reviews, address concerns, and improve your brand based on what customers are looking for. Learn from the people who are actually using your product on the daily.

This Pink Stork Amazon brand story makes it very clear they are women supporting women. They have been through it all so you don’t have to, and their vibe appears warm, fun, transparent, and caring. This is the type of energy you may be looking for when browsing these kinds of supplements.

woman in pink smiling and shouting her positive message to support other women

Bring It Together: Your Happily Ever After

  1. Tap into your passion.
  2. Be specific with your values.
  3. Discover your unique voice.
  4. Be honest, willing to learn, and offer genuine customer service. 

ECommerce marketing can be a tough story to write, but you’re learning how to stand out in a saturated market. Harness the power of your own unique narrative. 

Amazon offers you a space to build your design and tailor it to match your goals. Helping you develop your narrative is what we love most. If you need help navigating the vast Amazon universe and discovering your voice, let us be your superhero. We are ready to capture your vision and help you stand out in an oversaturated market space.

Is your listing Clark Kent or Superman? Take advantage of our free listing analysis to find out where you stand and how you can take your eCommerce selling to new heights. 

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