Complete Guide to the Best AI Amazon Listing Optimization Tools: A Review of Keywords on Fire, AI Architect, Sellesta, Perci, Helium 10, ChatGPT for Amazon, and More

Like many others, Artificial Intelligence content has piqued our interest in a real way. ChatGPT has accumulated a fascinating, mind-blowing number of users in record time, and we wanted to understand—and help you understand—how AI tools such as ChatGPT could impact Amazon, copywriting, and marketing in general.

I have to say, AI Amazon listing optimization generators are fascinating, exciting to explore, and appear to be brimming with potential to impact traffic and conversions. But, can these Amazon listing creators really build an entire product page of impactful content with nothing more than an ASIN and the click of a button? 

We dove in headfirst to answer your questions through a comprehensive review of eleven top competitors in Amazon product listing AI. This copy AI review will guide you with questions to ask as you do your own research and come to your own conclusions.

Let’s get into it.

First of All, Where Does the Data Come From?

It’s important to approach copy AI with a curious mind and employ a wise blend of optimism and critical thinking. Even if it produces a solid chunk of text, we have to ask, where did this information come from? Is this copied directly from a competitor’s listing? Are you unknowingly splicing together web content that is inaccurate and/or plagiarized? 

This is how these magical bots glean their stores of artificial intelligence:

  1. Many of these product listing AI tools are ML powered. This means they are fed specific data and told how to write sections of Amazon listings—they learn from data input by humans. For example, ChatGPT is not connected to the internet and was developed by the researching laboratory Open AI. 
  2. Some data is taken directly from the internet, which can be a cesspool of misinformation. Many tools have already gotten much better at providing their sources. 
  3. Most tools are only updated with information up to 2021.

So, for example, if you ask one of these bots to write Amazon bullet points, it may not render the most up-to-date or SEO-rich information. The bots also can’t consider the emotions a certain phrase evokes, connotation, or context. They are limited to the data sets they are exposed to and can’t employ the same kind of complex thinking and feeling a human can when making marketing decisions.
Let’s see what decisions these nine popular AI Amazon listing creators made for this waffle maker listing we randomly selected.  

What parts of Amazon listing optimization can you create with AI generators?

Whether you decide to outsource your Amazon listing optimization and creation to AI or not, for the time being, there are only certain parts of the listing copy that these tools can create:

For the time being, if you're looking for a plug-and-play AI Amazon listing creation tool, you won't be able to generate A+ Content, Premium A+ Content, Brand Stories, Storefronts, and Product Images. There are still ways of integrating AI into the creation of these creative assets, but they require a more involved and customized set of prompting and human enhancement to get them ready for publishing.

Diving into Real, Unedited Product Listing AI Examples

1. Zonguru’s “Keywords on Fire” Integrated with ChatGPT for Amazon:

Zonguru started as an Amazon keyword research tool. They recently partnered with ChatGPT to release an Amazon listing creator. You begin by conducting keyword research, and the results are then uploaded into the copywriting AI listing builder. From there, Zonguru generates a title, bullets, and product description that you can continue to manually optimize. You also have the option to upload a current listing for editing. Zonguru recently updated their AI tool with fresh features that enhance your ability to customize the tone and outputs, which we love to see. Here’s how Zonguru plus ChatGPT for Amazon edited our waffle maker example:

First, we uploaded the original listing and it lead us through a series of prompts:

zonguru copywriting AI for amazon prompts


Then, it produced our listing using the ChatGPT for Amazon magic wand. We tested two tone options—witty and professional.

Witty Tone:

zonguru copywriting AI results

Professional Tone:

zonguru copywriting AI results



⭐Some clear, concise language with a few benefit-forward statements.

⭐The update improved the quality of the writing so it is now much more robust. 

⭐Allows you to do full keyword research and add keywords outside of the program.

⭐Produces a listing score to compare with competitor listings and your original listing. 

⭐Gives you some creative control over tone and direction of your listing. 

⭐Allows you to input relevant information and describe your product. 

⭐Less repetitive than many other tools (this is a new pro with the upgraded tool!)


👎You don’t place the keywords in specific sections, but you could move them around and see how the score changes.

  👎Produces some workable copy but it still needs to be injected with some human creativity and personality

👎Lets you to prompt the AI tool with a tone and some product information but it just provides a list.

👎We didn't notice much of a difference between the "witty" and "professional" tone copy.

Overall Rating: 8/10 

Best for: Ease of Keyword Research

Ability to Input Information: 7/10

User-Friendliness: 8/10

Quality of Copy Output: 6/10

Keyword Mechanism: 9/10

Quality of Keyword Results: 8/10

Bonus Points: Listening to customer feedback and providing useful updates! 

In our opinion, while the keyword tool is great and Zonguru has done a lot to improve the usability of this tool. The content has some compelling, benefit-forward language and could provide a solid framework for your listing, but it still needs some human intervention to direct the tone when all is said and done. That being said, we scored their original tool a 6 and the updates boosted them to an 8, making this one of the more useful tools on the list. 

2. Smart Scout AI Architect:

This tool is intuitive and easy to use. You begin with an ASIN and then update each section with the help of the AI magic wand. However, Smart Scout AI Architect does not let you add in any keywords outside of what are currently in the listing. What did it do with our waffle listing?:

smart scout ai amazon listing creator

smart scout ai amazon listing creator


⭐Super easy to use.

⭐More control over the details and information you add to the listing.

⭐Compares your listing and keywords to a number of competitors.


👎Doesn’t produce a score or any kind of rating to compare your listing to competitors like Zonguru.

👎Didn’t adhere to the specified tone.


👎No control over keywords.

👎No manual keyword research (while this could be seen like a pro, not having control over the keywords can result in traffic that doesn’t convert).

Overall Rating: 4/10

Best for: Competitor Comparison

Ability to Input Information: 4/10

User-Friendliness: 9/10

Quality of Copy Output: 4/10

Keyword Mechanism: 3/10

Quality of Keyword Results: 3/10

Because this tool only allows you to input an ASIN, it seems fairly limited and makes us wonder where the content is coming from given that there is zero human input.

3. Perci AI:

We used the original listings’ bullets as the input information to describe the product and did keyword research of our own using Helium 10, which was then added to the keyword section.

perci ai amazon listing creator


⭐Control over bullet topics and length.

⭐Maximum control over the information fed into the listing builder.

⭐More, but still limited, control over the tone with three options.

⭐You can input your own keywords but it doesn’t have a search feature.


👎No score.

👎No internal keyword research.

👎No competitor comparison or research.

👎Title is just a mash-up of high-ranking keywords.

Overall Rating: 7/10

Best for: Copy Control

Ability to Input Information: 9/10

User- Friendliness: 9/10

Quality of Copy Output: 6/10

Keyword Mechanism: 3/10

Quality of Keyword Results: 0/10

4. WriteSonic Amazon Product Description Creator:

WriteSonic’s Amazon Product Description Creator is by far the most comprehensive tool on the list and works best if you are writing individual snippets of content. The Amazon Product Description Generator is just one of many tools WriteSonic offers, including Paragraph Writer, Content Rephrase, and more. There isn’t a straightforward listing builder, but you can create individual sections, such as the product description, and ask ChatSonic, WriteSonic’s answer to ChatGPT for Amazon, to create bullets with specific parameters. 

We input information about the waffle maker listing to create a new product description, and it produced three options:

  1. Make delicious mini waffles in a flash with the Dash Mini Waffle Maker. This versatile kitchen gadget is great for creating fluffy waffles that slide right off the ceramic surface. Plus, you can use it to make eggs, cinnamon rolls, and more! With its compact size and variety of colors, the Dash Mini Waffle Maker makes an incredible gift for any occasion. Enjoy fresh and flavorful treats in a dash!
  2. Enjoy fresh, fluffy waffles in a Dash with the Dash Mini Waffle Maker! This compact and portable appliance is perfect for small spaces and can whip up delicious waffles in minutes. The ceramic-coated surface makes it easy to slide off your waffle without sticking. Make breakfast, lunch, dinner and more with this versatile appliance. Choose from a variety of colors to make your kitchen stand out!
  3. Make fresh and fluffy waffles in a Dash with the Dash Mini Waffle Maker! In minutes you can enjoy a mini waffle that slides right off the non-stick ceramic surface. Available in a variety of colors, this mini waffle maker is the perfect gift for any occasion. Don't just stop at waffles - try eggs, cinnamon rolls and more - all from your Dash Mini Waffle Maker!


⭐Easy to use.

⭐Gives you options.  

⭐You can feed it a few keywords and specify your desired tone.

⭐Delivers more creative copy, albeit inconsistently.


👎Not an entire listing.

👎Short product description.

👎You don’t know what parameters have been fed to the AI.

Best for: Snippets of workable content

Rating Overall: 4/10

Ability to Input Information: 5/10

User-Friendliness: 9/10

Quality of Copy Output: 7/10

Keyword Mechanism: 5/10

Quality of Keyword Results: 0/10

5.  Jasper Product Description:

Jasper was very similar to WriteSonic. It doesn’t create an entire listing, but you can create specific sections, such as a product description. Here is the product description it produces for the waffle maker:

“Introducing the newest addition to your kitchen! The mini waffle maker is a must-have for any cooking enthusiast. It's made from premium materials and engineered with advanced technology, giving you delicious, fluffy Belgian-style mini waffles in minutes. With no mess or fuss, this easy-to-use appliance will be your new favorite for making creative and tasty treats! Simply plug it in, pour your favorite batter into the dash waffle iron, and wait for it to do its magic. Enjoy perfectly cooked mini waffles every time with this amazing mini waffle maker from Dash! So get cooking and start experimenting with all sorts of delicious recipes today!  The possibilities are endless.  Get ready to enjoy the fun and excitement of making your own mini waffles at home. Get yours today - you won't regret it!”


You can feed it much of the information you want, including tone.

You can adjust the length of the copy from S, M, or L. 

⭐Simple interface. 


👎Really limited in what it can produce.

👎More of an idea generator.

👎No keyword research or input function.

👎Not Amazon specific. 

Best for: Brainstorming/Getting a headstart

Overall Rating: 4/10

Ability to Input Information: 7/10

User-Friendliness: 9/10

Quality of Copy Output: 6/10

Keyword Mechanism: 0/10

Quality of Keyword Results: 0/10

6. is Amazon specific, lends you a helping hand with keywords, provides a listing rating, and touts its ability to increase your Amazon sales. But, is it all it’s cracked up to be? Here is our review on how it revised the waffle maker listing:

sellesta ai reviews example of amazon listing creator

An honest review? It was a bit underwhelming. Because it is Amazon-specific, I anticipated a little more, but it churned out just another keyword-stuffed listing, which has been proven to be less than effective in boosting your sales. There is a lot more to a listing than an SEO score. The copywriting must be easy to read, convincing, and emotionally compelling, too.


⭐Really simple to use.

⭐You can input competitor ASINs. 

⭐Includes a basic keyword research function.


👎Not very comprehensive.

👎Little tone or input control.

👎Really just improving keywords with AI and doesn’t create copy.

👎Uses the same copy from your listing with different keywords.

👎The title is just a mash-up of keywords. 

Best for: Simplicity

Overall Rating: 3/10

Ability to Input Information: 3/10

User-Friendliness: 8/10

Quality of Copy Output: 3/10

Keyword Mechanism: 6/10

Quality of Keyword Results: 3/10

7. Shopia. Amazon Listing Optimizer

Shopia. has some neat features, such as the overall score of your listing, key metrics, and quality checks. Overall, this seems like a rather comprehensive tool, but, like many of the other options we’ve seen, the end copy lacks substance.

ai amazon listing creator example


⭐Can create a new listing or optimize a current one.

⭐Allows you to choose keywords, competitors, specific features, making it very customizable.

⭐The AI produces benefits and features of the product that could set you apart from competitors. 

⭐Provides parameters for a good listing called tasks to check.


👎The copy is flat and uncreative—like a computer produced it.

👎Very feature-forward, rather than benefit-forward, language.

👎Not very user friendly.

Best for: Customization

Overall Rating: 5/10  

Ability to Input Information: 8/10

User-Friendliness: 2/10

Quality of Copy Output: 5/10

Keyword Mechanism: 6/10

Quality of Keyword Results: 4/10

8. CopyMonkey AI Review

This Amazon-specific copywriting AI software does keyword research, generates a search-volume score, and allows you to enhance your copy with an AI zhuzh. Here is what it had to say for the waffle maker:

example of copy monkey copywriting ai software


⭐Can define unique benefits.

⭐Really user-friendly process and easy to navigate.

⭐Option to upload unique keywords as well as use the keywords they provide.

⭐You can reproduce bullets from features.

⭐Takes only three simple steps to create the listing: title, keywords, features, and generate! 


👎Produced lackluster results. The content didn’t grab my attention the way you want your marketing copy to. 

👎Very feature-forward without considering the customer’s perspective. 

CopyMonkey AI’s listing creator may have more pros, but it isn’t up to snuff where it counts—the flow of the copy. 

Best for: Customization

Overall Rating: 6/10  

Ability to Input Information: 9/10

User-Friendliness: 8/10

Quality of Copy Output: 4/10

Keyword Mechanism: 6/10

Quality of Keyword Results: 4/10

9. ChatGPT for Amazon by ShulexVOC Chrome Extension 

ChaptGPT for Amazon specifically proved to be a nifty tool. We discovered it isn't the best for writing your entire listing but offers some insights that competitor copywriting AI software don't—review and Q&A insights. It goes as far as to break down pros and cons, customers expectations, and why shoppers purchase a particular product. This program also produces the most readable title. Here is how ChatGPT for Amazon transformed the waffle maker listing:

chatgpt for amazon copywriting ai listing optimizer and review analysis

Pretty bare bones content and it doesn't produce a product description or offer a method for keyword research. Here is the review and question analyses:

chatgpt for amazon review insights

chatgpt for amazon question and answer insights and analysis

These insight are helpful for one huge reason—they tell you what your customers actually want so you can adjust your content to orbit around their needs.


⭐ Unique customer insights and comprehensive analysis of reviews in seconds

⭐ Produces a title that feels for readable and less keyword stuffed

⭐ Extremely easy to download and start using

⭐ Reveals potential customers concerns that your can address in your listing to sidestep poor reviews


👎 No keyword research function

👎 Doesn't provide a listing score like many other programs do

👎 Simplistic bullets that don't feel very fresh or creative

👎 No product description 

This extension gets bonus points for its integration with Amazon and ability to analyze reviews as well as FAQs. This is a powerful advantage for Amazon sellers because it delivers lightening fast insights into what your customers are really looking for. This function also gives you the ability to quickly perform competitor research and glean valuable insights. 

Best for: Direct integration with Amazon 

Overall Rating: 5/10  

Ability to Input Information: 5/10

User-Friendliness: 9/10

Quality of Copy Output: 4/10

Keyword Mechanism: 0/10

Quality of Keyword Results: 0/10

Bonus Category: Review Insights 10/10

10. Helium 10 AI-Powered Listing Builder

Helium 10 is a widely known and used tool for Amazon sellers with a diverse catalog of tool that now includes an AI-powered listing builder. Helium 10's AI is fairly robust and they have covered many based that other builders haven't. Let's see how it compares. 

First, you can use Helium 10's Magnet program to perform keyword research and then the AI will incorporate those keywords into your listing. Then, the listing builder allows you to input some highly specific parameters such as tone, target audience, product characteristics, and restricted words to avoid:

helium 10 ai amazon listing builder

From there, you can use the AI to write a title, bullets, and product description:

helium 10 amazon listing builder program  


⭐ Easy to incorporate quality keywords

⭐ Ability to control the tone, product features, and audience

⭐ Extremely simple to use

⭐ Reliable keywords from a trusted source for Amazon 

⭐ Provides a listing score

⭐Really Amazon specific 


👎 Much like its AI counterparts, the quality of the copy isn't anything to write home about 

👎 The copy is rather repetitive

👎 Produces short bullets, title, and product description. You would need to add quite a bit more content to round out what it produces. 


Best for: Amazon-specific input and control

Overall Rating: 8/10  

Ability to Input Information: 8/10

User-Friendliness: 9/10

Quality of Copy Output: 4/10

Keyword Mechanism: 9/10

Quality of Keyword Results: 9/10

⭐Bonus Points: Section to input phrases to avoid and brand name placement. 

Helium 10 seems to really be doing something right and have incorporated some unique, Amazon-specific features that were missing from many other listing optimizers. This thoughtful integration of information allows it to produce some of the better results out of these AI copywriting tools. 

11. Data Dive Keyword Research and AI Tool

Data Dive is a robust tool for Amazon sellers that can help you juice-up your listing with the right keywords. They utilize a unique, multi-variate approach to select search terms and take into account SV, competition, relevance, and more. We put their keyword tool and AI copywriting software to the test. 

First, you download a Chrome extension that allows you to add listings from Amazon to a list. There are all of the listings the research takes into account. 

Once you run it, you have access to your keyword list, listing builder, and much more:

Keyword and bullet topic selection:

data dive ai copywriting tools for amazon

Product description prompt:

data dive amazon product description prompt

The waffle maker listing results:

data dive AI tool for amazon results

data dive ai copywriting tool for amazon results



⭐Amazon specific

⭐Produces thorough keyword research and suggests the best keyword for each section

⭐Produces a score for each section and adjusts it as you tweak your copy and keywords. 

⭐Includes a handy AI tool for competitor analysis along with a myriad of other exciting features. 

⭐Does allow you to suggest topics for each bullet or use what the AI discovers in competitor analysis. 

⭐Allows you to edit the prompt for the product description with more specific information and tone. 


👎The copy is lackluster and doesn't capture your attention or appeal directly to the customer even with additional prompting. 

👎If you don't like spreadsheets, this may not be the tool for you. The view isn't very intuitive and it produces a lot of extra information. 

👎Doesn't produce a meaningful or usable title. It produces a keyword stuffed blob of text. 

Best for: Keyword Research 

Overall Rating: 7/10  

Ability to Input Information: 8/10

User-Friendliness: 5/10

Quality of Copy Output: 4/10

Keyword Mechanism: 9.5/10

Quality of Keyword Results: 9/10

⭐Bonus Points: Integrated feature that allows you to perform lightening-fast competitor research. 

This tool was originally designed for Amazon keyword research and that is where it excels. If you are looking for an Amazon research tool that makes navigating your keywords a little more clear cut, Data Dive might be the program for you. But Data Dive isn't going to solve your marketing copy woes. 

What’s the Verdict?

gavel in the forefront of a person typing on a computer using ai amazon listing creator

Our hot take on this hot topic?:

You can’t beat the real deal. Humans are messy, complicated, complex, and imperfect, but that tangle of emotion and intelligence is exactly what makes us impactful writers. We are able to connect with buyers on a level that computers just can’t understand or duplicate. AI is an immensely helpful tool, but not a replacement for human input. It is a nifty hammer, not the entire toolbox. 

All of these tools produce a few gems that you could weave into a listing, but even the best AI copy generator does not a full listing make. 

It is important to use these tools for what they are—a fun, helpful, and limited tool. 

In general, we’ve found that we get the best outputs with AI and ChatGPT for Amazon when we can feed it the nitty-gritty details. Meaning, these tools can only know as much as they allow you to tell them. When you can input details such as tone, benefits, high-ranking keywords, the problems the customer may face that the product is solving, and more, you get better results. Many of these tools just don’t give you the option and therefore churn out repetitive, lackluster content that has minimal resonance with the actual customer.

How to Create Winning Copy Every Time

We encourage you to try some of these tools for yourself. Put them to the test! But the only way to produce impactful, customer-centric copy that sells is with targeted human input. Even if they save you time, they may not be making you the profit you desire.  

Need help building a listing that speaks to your customer on a human level and sells? We are ready to assist! Submit your listing for a FREE analysis or contact us and we will reach out to discuss how we can take your Amazon business and sales to the next level.

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